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Week of June 18, 2017

An Introduction to Designing for Metal 3D Printing

Siemens 3D Prints Power Turbine Blades

America Makes Funding Remains Intact; Others' Cut

Additive Industries Times Four

Full line-up for International Conference on Additive Manufacturing announced

CECIMO delivers European Additive Manufacturing Strategy report

MEMS' Wei Xiong receives Office of Naval Research award to develop next-generation steel for additive manufacturing

The world's first 3D printer at sub-micron direct metal printing

Splitting image: How digital twins can drive value

DOE's HPC for Manufacturing Program seeks industry proposals to advance energy tech

GE Unveils Edge to Cloud Analytics: Predix-Enabled Additive Manufacturing

GE Additive and Stryker Announce Additive Manufacturing Partnership

First impact factor for the journal 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Fraunhofer opens "world's largest SLM facility" in Aachen Germany

PyroGenesis Announces Creation of "PyroGenesis Additive"

DMG MORI to Begin Taking Orders for Its New Additive Manufacturing Machine, LASERTEC 30 SLM with Selective Laser Melting

The Additive Pavilion – Metal 3D printing edges towards mainstream

GKN Sinter Metals introduces new alloy steel

Prodways Group Introduces New Rapid Additive Forging Metal 3D Printing Technology to 3D Print Large Titanium Aeronautical Parts

AMAZE Building confidence in additive manufacturing

3-D Microstructure IN625

Thermography IN625

Simulation-Driven Systems Development (SDSD): Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities for Success (Commentary)

Week of June 11, 2017

An Introduction to Designing for Metal 3D Printing

Siemens 3D Prints Power Turbine Blades

America Makes Funding Remains Intact; Others' Cut

Additive Industries Times Four

Full line-up for International Conference on Additive Manufacturing announced

CECIMO delivers European Additive Manufacturing Strategy report

MEMS' Wei Xiong receives Office of Naval Research award to develop next-generation steel for additive manufacturing

The world's first 3D printer at sub-micron direct metal printing

Splitting image: How digital twins can drive value

DOE's HPC for Manufacturing Program seeks industry proposals to advance energy tech

GE Unveils Edge to Cloud Analytics: Predix-Enabled Additive Manufacturing

GE Additive and Stryker Announce Additive Manufacturing Partnership

First impact factor for the journal 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Fraunhofer opens "world's largest SLM facility" in Aachen Germany

PyroGenesis Announces Creation of "PyroGenesis Additive"

DMG MORI to Begin Taking Orders for Its New Additive Manufacturing Machine, LASERTEC 30 SLM with Selective Laser Melting

The Additive Pavilion – Metal 3D printing edges towards mainstream

GKN Sinter Metals introduces new alloy steel

Prodways Group Introduces New Rapid Additive Forging Metal 3D Printing Technology to 3D Print Large Titanium Aeronautical Parts

AMAZE Building confidence in additive manufacturing

3-D Microstructure IN625

Thermography IN625

Simulation-Driven Systems Development (SDSD): Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities for Success (Commentary)

Week of June 4, 2017

The Metal Head: How A High School Dropout Built A Pioneering 3D Printing Business

GoEngineer Presents Desktop Metal - Open House Event, Santa Clara, CA

Cal Poly receives cutting-edge laser melting machine

GKN Develops Large-Scale Additive Process

Video: Avio Aero is printing LPT blades for the GE9X, the world's largest jet engine

GE publishes patents for powder bed fusion acoustic monitoring processes to qualify metal 3D printed parts

Ensuring Part Quality in Industrial Metal Additive Manufacturing

PyroGenesis, GKN Hoeganaes, OR Laser answering demand for metal powders for 3D printing

Carnegie Mellon develops machine vision autonomous system for metal 3D printing

Is the oil and gas industry ready for additive manufacturing?

What to know about working with steel materials in additive manufacturing

Xact Metal is replacing galvo scanners to make metal 3D printing more affordable

Week of May 28, 2017

Canada Opens Metal 3D Printing Research Center for Marine and Defense Industries

It's No Fairytale: Todd Grimm Shares His Treasure Trove of 3D Printing News at RAPID

3D-printed turbine blades a 'breakthrough', says Siemens

Special Issue "Selective Laser Melting"

GE Additive gives away metal 3D printers valued at $8 million to education users

The future of additive manufacturing

Penn State – Additive Manufacturing and Design Master's Degrees to be Offered in Fall 2017

Russia develops 3D printer prototype to print large metal items in outer space

World's first rocket launch with a 3D printed engine blasts off from New Zealand

A material handling system for additive manufacturing

GE: 3D Printing Opens A 'New, Unlimited Dimension' For Manufacturing

GKN Sinter Metals reports development of new metal powder for Additive Manufacturing

$60M 'innovation hub' debuts at UTC research center

Additive Manufacturing Cluster Meeting to Focus on Tooling

Turkey's Akkuyu nuclear Power plant to be launched by 2023 with technology of 3D printing used by Rosatom

Week of May 21, 2017

Sintavia to quadruple metal additive manufacturing production with new 55,000 sq ft facility

On the horizon: developments in additive manufacturing

Simufact Additive 2 – Optimization of Process Chains for Metal Additive Manufacturing Simulation

3D printed metal certification gets $1.5 million boost from U.S. Department of Defence

H.C. Starck Extends its Boundaries with Additive Manufacturing using Refractory Metals

More Universities are Offering Degrees in Additive Manufacturing

Tooling Is the Underappreciated AM Application

Additive Manufacturing is Changing the Dynamic: EOS' Glynn Fletcher Talks Metal 3D Printing Solutions

Russian group claims to have developed an electron beam metal 3D printer that can print in space

Xact Metal Set to Introduce Affordable XM200 Metal Printer

World's First Class Approved 3D Printed Ship's Propeller Under Developement

Collider Developing Compact and Affordable Metal 3D Printer

Russian scientists develop country's first electron beam metal 3D printer

3D Metalforge opens $1.8 million additive manufacturing facility in Singapore

5 Small Metal 3D Printers

RenAM 500M additive system handles serialized production

GE's 'Brilliant' Full-Court Press Invests $500B

Metalysis to co-develop aluminium-scandium alloy with unnamed international partner

Researcher at Transilvania University demos 3D printed metal two-stroke engine

Week of May 14, 2017

Sintavia to quadruple metal additive manufacturing production with new 55,000 sq ft facility

On the horizon: developments in additive manufacturing

Simufact Additive 2 – Optimization of Process Chains for Metal Additive Manufacturing Simulation

3D printed metal certification gets $1.5 million boost from U.S. Department of Defence

H.C. Starck Extends its Boundaries with Additive Manufacturing using Refractory Metals

More Universities are Offering Degrees in Additive Manufacturing

Tooling Is the Underappreciated AM Application

Additive Manufacturing is Changing the Dynamic: EOS' Glynn Fletcher Talks Metal 3D Printing Solutions

Russian group claims to have developed an electron beam metal 3D printer that can print in space

Xact Metal Set to Introduce Affordable XM200 Metal Printer

World's First Class Approved 3D Printed Ship's Propeller Under Developement

Collider Developing Compact and Affordable Metal 3D Printer

Russian scientists develop country's first electron beam metal 3D printer

3D Metalforge opens $1.8 million additive manufacturing facility in Singapore

5 Small Metal 3D Printers

RenAM 500M additive system handles serialized production

GE's 'Brilliant' Full-Court Press Invests $500B

Metalysis to co-develop aluminium-scandium alloy with unnamed international partner

Researcher at Transilvania University demos 3D printed metal two-stroke engine

Week of May 7, 2017

Volkmann to launch Additive Manufacturing Material Handling System at Rapid+TCT

OR Laser and Heraeus Collaborate on Metal Materials Development for AM

What to expect from additive materials in 2017

GE's Findlay advanced technology center expands focus

Additive Manufacturing Technology Standards

From Aerospace to Jewelry, Metal 3D Printing Is Hot

A new design workflow that is up to eight times faster for the creation of highly complex additive lattice structures

The rise of additive manufacturing in defence

Only 2% of printers are safe from hacker attacks

Hardened titanium opens up a world of opportunities

Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) Plans New Trade Association for Metal Additive Manufacturing Industry

FİGES is Manufacturing 3D Functional Metal Parts with Additive Manufacturing Technology by its Own Developed Metal Melting 3D Machine

SME Recognizes Additive Manufacturing Vision, Ability and Leadership

Additive Manufacturing: A Global Perspective

3D Printing to Accelerate, GE Executive Says

German ministry of education launches "virtually limitless" metal 3D printing project with KUKA Industries

Microwave heating to process metal powders

Week of April 30, 2017

How Universities and Talent are Turning North Carolina into a 3D Printing Hub

Dassault opens additive manufacturing center with Wichita State, NIAR

The 3-D Printer That Could Finally Change Manufacturing: Desktop Metal

Canada Makes releases the Metal Additive Design Guide

2017 Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium – An Additive Manufacturing Conference

Additive manufacturing a potential game-changer for Defence

World's Largest 3D Metal Printing Facility Opens

Overview of the Exascale Additive Manufacturing Project

How Will GE's Big Bet on 3D Printing Affect Manufacturing?

GKN Sinter Metals launches InstAMetal platform for metal additive manufacturing

How Nottingham is becoming a national centre for 3D printing

Sciaky to Provide Multiple Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM®) Systems to American Parts Supplier

Opinion: why it's time to focus on metal 3D printing

Simulate the Entire Metal AM Process to Ensure a "First Time Right" Printed Part

Father & Son Invent New, Inexpensive Type of Metal 3D Printing Machine

3D Printing The Next Five Years by Richard Grylls SLM Solutions

Watch Hackers Sabotage an Industrial Robot Arm

Sources: GE Considers Germany for 3D Printing HQ

Week of April 23, 2017

ITRI unveils LMD 3D large-size printing platform

Trial 3D-Printed Propeller Produced

Additive Metals: Achieving Process Repeatability

GE expands additive manufacturing capabilities, new metal 3D printer coming soon

Arcam AB is now Arcam Group

How Helium Improves Additive Manufacturing

Week of April 16, 2017

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conferences 2017

ASTM Proposes New Standards for Additive Manufacturing

Printed titanium parts expected to save millions in Boeing Dreamliner costs

Wallwork to lead project for additive manufacturing smoothing

Premium AEROTEC, EOS and Daimler partner to advance metal 3D printing

Germany's MAN Diesel & Turbo is now equipping gas turbines with 3D-printed components

Powder to the People: A 3D printing incubator is liberating engineers

NASA Develops Functional "Space Fabric" With Metal 3D Printing

Wohlers Associates and Materialise Team Up to Offer Design for Additive Manufacturing Course

GE Keeps Its Checkbook Handy After All-in Bet on 3-D Printing

Metal 3D printing supports 'eaten away' in electrochemical process developed at Arizona State

The State of Additive Manufacturing in 2017

Online System Helps Manage Metal AM Projects

3D Printing Keeps Nuclear Power Plant Running

Week of April 2, 2017

Aerojet Rocketdyne Achieves 3-D Printing Milestone with Successful Testing of Full-Scale RL10 Copper Thrust Chamber Assembly

South Korean gov't to spend $37M on 3D printing industry in 2017

Additive Manufacturing Expansion Slowed in 2016

Lockheed pitches 3-D printed parts for next-generation ICBM program

NAVAIR Eyes Additive Manufacturing to Fill Spare Parts Demand

Uddeholms AB to produce metal powders for Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing reduces weight of satellite part

Stratasys invests in LPW Technology to further develop metal powder solutions

USAF AEHF-6 Satellite To Feature 3-D Printed Parts

Optimization of 3D Metal Printing Set to Change Industry

Sodick announces new high-performance "Parallel Mode" for metal AM system

UK Intelligent Engineering Forum insights into Big Data for additive manufacturing

EDA consultation to identify impact of 3D-printing technologies in defence

Week of March 26, 2017

Metal Additive Manufacturing Delivers Spare Parts on Demand

BMW, Google Backed Startup Aimed at Transforming, Simplifying Metal 3D Printing

LPW case study: The effects of gaseous corruption on 3D printed metal objects

Laser Optimization Helps Brings AM to the Next Level

New Additive Manufacturing Process Developed by University of Sheffield Mitigates Limitations of Laser-Based 3D Printing

Developing amorphous metals for AM

SLM solutions reports 22% revenue increase in challenging year

Metal Additive Manufacturing: Potential Gains & Challenges of Numerical Modeling & Simulation Part 2

LLNL researchers developing game-changing Direct Metal Writing 3D printing tech

Keppel Marine and Offshore Benefits From Lloyd's Register Workshop to Map Out Qualification Approach to Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Entering Pivotal Year, Revenues from Metal Powders and AM Systems Topped $950M in 2016

Multiple lasers in metal AM a blessing and a bane

NASA Researchers Devise Method for Real-Time In-Situ Additive Manufacturing Inspection

Interim, In Situ Additive Manufacturing Inspection

Coming Soon - New SAE Standards on Additive Manufacturing: World's First for Aerospace Industry

Metalysis opens specialist Materials Discovery Center for 3D printing metal

UTS develops technology to transform metal manufacturing

Fraunhofer launches new simulation software with diverse applications in 3D printing

A Deeper Look into Metal Additive Manufacturing Material Properties

New Surface Treatment Process for Aerospace Industry

Week of March 19, 2017

Selective Laser Melting redefines collimator and shielding design

Aerospace may have something to teach medtech about materials: Here's how

Additive Industries Presents Competitive Entry Model MetalFAB1 for Process Development and Prototyping

3D printing of metal objects achieves stunning breakthrough: Entire JET ENGINE printed in metal

University of Sheffield researchers develop Diode Area Melting process for faster 3D printing

Experts in Advanced Materials Warn of Waning US Leadership

Challenges in modeling and simulation for metal additive manufacturing

Graduate school unveils new 3D metal printer

Week of March 5, 2017

Super strength titanium 3D printed for the first time

NRL Scientists Receive ASME Best Paper Award for 'Slicer' Algorithm

GE Plans to Sell 10,000 3D Printing Machines in 10 Years

GE partners with the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit to revolutionize industry through additive manufacturing and digitization

Army test fires 3-D printed grenade launcher called RAMBO

RAPID + TCT 2017: The Greatest Collection of Minds and Technology in Additive Manufacturing

GE grows additive manufacturing operations with Concept Laser

Lloyd's Register and TWI update 2017 framework for metal additive manufacturing

Norsk Titanium ship first metal 3D printed parts to aerospace company

Siemens 3D prints part for nuclear power plant

Iran to Host First Additive Manufacturing Symposium in May

Week of February 26, 2017

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Adds 3D Metal Printing by Concept Laser to Enhance Research and Development Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing February Issue Examines Safety for Metal AM

Centre for additive manufacturing to offer customised solutions

US Navy orders its first powder-bed metal 3D printer from Concept Laser after GE acquisition

America Makes and ANSI Publish Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing

Metal 3D printing company SLM Solutions reports revenue of $86 million, 22% increase in sales

South African Aeroswift 3D printing project in talks with Boeing and Airbus

Week of February 19, 2017

Why it's time to focus on metal 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing February Issue Examines Safety for Metal AM

Farsoon's 3D printed turbojet engine passes 100,000 rpm test

Affordable 3D Metal Printing for Small Shops

Sigma Labs Partners with Additive Manufacturing Product Developer Morf3D

Annual Revenues from Additive Manufacturing in Jewelry Expected to Top $900 Million in 2026, According to New SmarTech Publishing Report

Oerlikon takes-off with additive manufacturing research partnerships in Russia and Germany

Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing: The Future of Missile Production and Proliferation?

Week of February 12, 2017

Something Interesting Happening at Desktop Metal

Beyond the Hype: What's Next for Industrial 3D Printing

3D Printing and Advanced Manufacturing On the Rise in India

DMG MORI acquires majority share in additive manufacturing firm REALIZER

Granta Design Updates GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing

WATCH: JEOL debut metal AM technology at 3D Printing Tokyo

Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy Technical Sessions

Arcam reports that its net sales increased by 12.5% in 2016

Week of February 5, 2017

Does WAAM Offer a Better Approach to Additive Manufacturing?

UK launches MAPP Future Manufacturing Hub for 3D printing & other advanced powder processes

Siemens makes first 3D-printed gas turbine blades

Workshop: Simulating Additive Manufacturing Processes

Google Ventures, BMW, Lowe's Invest in Desktop Metal

Safety Issues Take the Cover of Additive Manufacturing

What Does It Take to Be Safe?

Oerlikon creating new $55 million additive manufacturing hub in North Carolina

SLM Solutions to present 280 2.0 3D printing machine at Tire Technology Expo

INTECH DMLS Indigenously Develop Jet Engine, Makes India the First Asian Country

Week of January 29, 2017

World's First Exascale Supercomputer to Enhance 3D Printing Capabilities

Markforge's Metal X 3D printer features a large build volume (250mm x 220mm x 200mm) as well as in-process laser inspection.

Researchers Develop Simulation Process for Metal AM Parts

Laser Additive Manufacturing: Going Mainstream

Future Manufacturing Hub for Powder Processes Launches

Livermore Scientist Wayne King to Deliver LAM 2017 Keynote

3D printing is rewriting the manufacturing rulebook

America Makes, ASM International, and Senvol Team Up to Create Additive Manufacturing Learning Tool Exercises

Working with additive manufacturing standards

Characterizing and Optimizing the Particle Size and Shape of Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing

Carpenter Technology : to buy Puris in $35 million deal

ENCOMPASS strengthens Europe's leading position in metal additive manufacturing

Week of January 22, 2017

GKN and EOS collaborate to transform Metal AM into digital manufacturing

Microscale Additive Manufacturing of Metals

Alcoa : Airbus to install new 3D printed parts

QuesTek Wins Six SBIR/STTR Awards to Optimize Legacy Alloys and Design New Alloys Tailored for Additive Manufacturing

SLM Solutions CEO replaced as leader of German 3D printer manufacturer

Additive 3D Printing Creates Another Supply Chain Tier

Westinghouse 3D printing trials reveal cost savings for all reactor types

3D-Printed Jigs and Fixtures: An Overlooked Way to Aid Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing the Cusp of a Defence, Aerospace and Space Revolution

Universal Additive Manufacturing Laser Control Module

formnext 2016: low-cost SLM unit with production costs below 20,000 euros

3D printing company SLM Solutions announces immediate removal of CEO Markus Rechlin

"[E]xascale supercomputers will more realistically simulate the processes involved in ... additive manufacturing...

Military Additive Manufacturing Summit

See inside the Southwest's largest 3D printing research facility at ASU

Newsmaker: Honeywell's KC plant boss foresees lots of growth

Successful Sabotage of Drone Highlights Additive Manufacturing Security Needs

Farsoon Technologies announces the FS271M metals laser sintering solution

Week of January 15, 2017

3D Printed Weapons to be Produced by US Department of Defense

Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate Continue to Explore the Benefits and Challenges of Additive Manufacturing

Concept Laser and Founder Frank Herzog receive multiple awards

Nuclear AMRC and Rolls-Royce confirm modular reactor collaboration

Sintavia develops process for 3D printing in aluminium F357

Trumpf unveils additive manufacturing machine and software developments

Procurement, Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity, Robotics and Automation: The Image of Manufacturing is Evolving.

Nanoparticles improve melting and solidification

3D Printing with Titanium Ti64: the complete Q&A

Nottingham University researchers additively manufacture fuel-efficient vehicle components

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory Under Construction at LLNL

Add It Up: 5 Industrial Additive Manufacturing Trends for 2017

Week of January 8, 2017

GE Additive Education Program Accepting Applications from Schools for 3D Printers

How power plants can benefit from 3D printed parts

Pairing Additive Manufacturing with Topology Optimization for Diesel Engine Support Redesign

Metal additive manufacturing takes the spotlight

Vader Systems may have created a quantum leap in manufacturing


Lloyd's Register and TWI Launch Two New Projects to Advance Take-Up of Additive Manufacturing

Lattice design software at nTopology

Perfect powder: Laboratory perfects metal powders for manufacturing

AFRL – Embracing Opportunity: Additive Technology for Manufacturing

US Manufacturers Too Slow to Adopt Industry 4.0: BCG Study

Week of January 1, 2017

Episode 10: Choosing the Right Metal 3D Printing Process

Choosing the best metal 3D printing technology (VIDEO)

The Revolutionary All-in-One Software Solution for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Security innovation for a safer cyber-physical future

3-D metal printing for propellers

VIDEO: Is Wirefeed the Future of Selective Laser Sintering?

Sigma Labs Wins Phase III DARPA Contract with Honeywell

How expiring patents are ushering in the next generation of 3D printing

Laser Institute of America's LAM 2017: Keeping up with Laser Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing a Spacecraft Valve Body in Titanium

The Particle Size Conundrum in Metal 3D Printing

Europe to explore 3D printing applications for military and defense

Using Simulation to Model Metallic Additive Manufacturing Processes

Aurora Labs Ships Firstmetal 3D Printer in the S-Titanium Line, is Top IPO on ASX

Additive Manufacturing Research Examines Metal 3D Printing Industry: 2016 in Review, Predictions for 2017

South Korean government to invest further in 3D printing, AI, 5G service, and more

3-D Printing Heats Up Demand for Powder Metals

German Power Plant Employs 3D Printed Parts by GE for Greater Efficiency

GKN Aerospace has certified the first additive manufacturing (AM) parts for flight

Gartner: 3D printing to be increasingly adopted by manufacturing industries in 2017

German Minister announces plan to take the lead in the new digital era of manufacturing

Racing to a Lighter Design with Optimization

Optimize your Additive Manufacturing Know-How

What is the xBeam 3D metal printing ?

In-House Counsel: It's Time to Connect With 3D Printing

Why Is 3D Metal Printing So Challenging?

Additive Manufacturing expected to become ubiquitous in Defence

GE to Develop Competitive Financing to Stimulate Growth in Additive Manufacturing

Ability3D's Innovative 3D printer uses MIG welding and CNC milling to create sturdy metal parts

Sculpteo Adds Artificial Intelligence to Additive Manufacturing

UK to invest £147m in six advanced manufacturing hubs

The Smart Suite for Metal 3D Printing: Introducing Agile Metal Technology

Materialise Collaborates with Siemens to Advance Additive Manufacturing

Markforged Unveils New Metal 3D Printing Technique

Week of December 11

3T RPD open metal additive manufacturing site as part of expansion programme

The "How Does a Nuclear Nonproliferation Expert Work?" Edition

Airbus streamlines supply chain with 3-D printed parts

Sciaky to deliver large industrial-scale metal 3D printer to Airbus

Pitt Engineers Receive $500,000 Award From NASA to Develop Materials Model for Simulating Microstructure Evolution During Additive Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: Breathing life into the cyber-physical factory

America Makes and ANSI Release Preliminary Final Draft of AMSC Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing

Terry Wohlers Discusses the Future of 3D Printing

Using additive manufacturing to create hydraulic parts

Trumpf TruPrint 1000 to be installed at LPW

INTEGREX i-200S AM Hybrid Multitask Machine

Utilizing Additive Manufacturing Capabilities to Strengthen America's Defense

LLNL Launches Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Week of December 4

InfraTrac Successfully Applies Anti-Counterfeit Technology to 3D Printed Metal Parts

Video: Safety Is No. 1 in Metal AM

InssTek to ship world's largest metal DED Additive Manufacturing system to Russia

Cubichain Stores Data of 3D Printed Aircraft Parts in Blockchain

Experts approve 3D printed nuclear reactor component in China

Inspecting Additive-Manufactured Components Using Computed Tomography

US Exascale Update: Interview with Paul Messina

ASTM standards for additive manufacturing

Revenues from Nickel Alloys for Additive Manufacturing to Grow to $520 Million by 2026, according to New SmarTech Publishing Report

Michelin launches €50 million, six-year applied AM research program

Week of November 27

General Electric Announces Launch of GE Additive

China successfully 3D printed its 1st pressure vessel cylinder prototype for a nuclear reactor

Cubichain Technologies brings blockchain cyber-security to the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Get Ready. The Next Wave of Metal 3D Printing is About to Begin.

Concept Laser launch M Line Factory 3D printing system

Concept Laser Once More Demonstrates Its Role As A Leading Innovator in 3D Metal Printing

GE Well Positioned to Accelerate the Additive Revolution

Russian Researchers Learn How to 3D Print Bullets

Interview: Terry Wohlers on the evolution of the 3D printing industry

Webinar: Additive Manufacturing Needs Machining—How Should They Work Together?

GE Plans to sell 10,000 Additive Machines During Next 10 Years

Materialise on taking control of the 3D printing process

3D metal printer that works in zero gravity developed by British scientists

Auburn establishes center for manufacturing using 3-D printing

Webinar: Where to Innovate Next in the 3D Metal Printing Powder

America Makes Member Workshop for Design of AM

Esi : Industrial players and academic institutions come together to form SOFIA

Justifying 3D printing in an age of false enlightenment

Additive Industries presents MetalFAB1 modular 3D printer

For colleges and universities, we want to place up to 50 metal machines...Greg Morris

GE Plans to sell 10,000 Additive Machines During Next 10 Years

BeAM at formnext: The "Beginning of a Great Metallurgical Industry Story"

Additive Manufacturing Research Shares Monthly Insights & Analysis: Metal, Polymer, Medical

3D printing and smart technology could save US manufacturers $100 billion

2016 Proceedings of the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium

Advanced Manufacturing Roadmap - unlocking Australia's future growth opportunities

German start-up Gramm launches interactive online additive manufacturing course

Carl Decker, (Inventor of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Receives AMUG Innovators Award

Episode 7: Accelerating the additive manufacturing revolution

Matsuura Seems to Have Metal 3D Printing Figured Out

Russia Looks to the Weapons of the Future

Shares in metal 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs soar amid talk of major business deal

Hoeganaes Corporation: A global leader in metal powder production targets Additive Manufacturing

Oxygen gas analyser offers more accurate trace oxygen measurement

Adira combines both laser-based additive manufacturing technologies in conceptual machine

Additive Manufacturing: #4 of 10 Drivers of the Future of Manufacturing

Sector Debate: Additive Manufacturing

A new age in metal printing

Ames Laboratory Awarded $5 Million to Improve Metal Powders for Advanced Manufacturing

Week of November 13

Oerlikon: Swiss Company Announces Advanced Materials Facility in Michigan

RIT purchasing first liquid metal 3D printing system

How Ford, Airbus, and GE Use 3D Printing for Competitive Advantage

Russian research group successfully tests 3D printed bullets

3DSIM introduces new AM simulation tools

LMD takes off for industrial additive manufacturing

GE continues 3D printing deep dive

Additive Manufacturing Is Ready For Prime Time

Materialise on taking control of the 3D printing process

Week of November 6

Lockheed Martin Looks to Catch Up in 3D Printing

French government announces new 3D printing and IoT strategies for digital industry

3D printing creates new parts for aircraft engines

New 3D Metal Printer to be Introduced at Formnext

Why Additive Manufacturing Works for the Aerospace Industry

Simufact to Launch Process Simulation Software Solution for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Ability3D's Metal Desktop 3D Printer Could Be a Game-Changer

Metal jetting technology to make European debut

The Future of Manufacturing With Metal 3D Printing

New low cost system offers easy access to metal Additive Manufacturing

Heraeus makes the complex design of amorphous metals possible for the first time through additive manufacturing

French company Be Additive Manufacturing to showcase two 3D printing machines

A Design-Validation-Production Workflow for Aerospace Additive Manufacturing

Benefits of 3D Printed Power Plant Parts

Modeling Challenge for Additive Manufacturing

What are the Innovations to Come in 3D Printing?

3-D Printing Expands to Metals, Showing Industrial Promise

Survey reveals tepid interest in metal 3D printing by Canadian aerospace industry.

Professor Phill Dickens discusses the national additive manufacturing strategy

Week of October 30

Fraunhofer ILT, GoetheLab to showcase $36k metal SLM 3D printer aimed at SMEs

View from India: Additive Manufacturing, a promising game changer

Penn State researchers find way to increase scanning speed

GE unveils 35% 3D printed ATP engine: 'more additive parts than any engine in aviation history'

GE Bringing 'Additive Value' to Aircraft Engines

XJet set to reveal world's first direct metal inkjet 3D printer

Carl Deckard Selected for AMUG Innovators Award

Additive manufacturing for all

The Importance of Powder Quality in Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Process

Week of October 23

GE calls Singer's bluff in showdown over 3D printing firm

GE CFO sees alternatives to SLM 3D printing purchase

Elliott Management to Reject GE's Offer

GE abandons bid for German 3D printing firm SLM

GE in 3D printing push raises Arcam bid, to buy Concept Laser

GE Acquires 75% Stake in Metal 3D Printing Leader Concept Laser, Will Take Full Ownership in a Few Years

GE Buying Concept Laser for $599M, Resetting 3DP Strategy

The Additive Risk of Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing Heads to Capitol Hill

LPW announces centre of excellence

The New Freedom of LaserCUSING: New Software Tool CL WRX Parameter Permits Open Processing of All Parameter Settings

Autumn/Fall issue of Metal AM magazine out now

RIT open AMPrint $18m facility devoted to 3D printing

Trumpf TruPrint 1000 metal 3D printer makes UK debut | TCT Show

LPW invests £20m to produce high quality metal powders for 3D printing, creates 120 new jobs

Cracking the complexities of metal processing

Metal additive manufacturing technology used for customised mountain bikes

IFPEN unveils world's first 3D designed and printed chemical reactor

Consultation on roadmap for safe adoption of additive manufacturing for safety-critical assets'

Unveiling At Formnext — A New German Engineered Proposition for the Metal AM Industry

D3CRYPTED Software Aims to Provide Security For 3D Assets and Intellectual Property

Week of October 16

Additive Manufacturing: New Horizons in Research and Industry

Seeing through metal: CT scanning for metrology

Emerging technology, international security, and international law

Improving Nuclear Security with Additive Manufacturing

Viewpoint: Catapult chief Dick Elsy on the (UK) government's additive strategy

Raw Intelligence: what digital materials mean for the circular economy

Raw intelligence: how data flows work, and why they matter

Global 3D printers shipment to grow 108 % in 2016: Gartner

3D Printing Joint Ventures – Trumpf

How to Achieve Success with Additive Manufacturing

Computed Tomography Market to Observe 4.5% CAGR from 2011 – 2017

GE's Bridge Over the "Valley of Death" for Innovation

Give a 3D printer artificial intelligence, and this is what you'll get

One-stop supplier for industrial 3D printing of metals

3D printing hitting the mainstream - Gartner

VIDEO: How Metal Additive Manufacturing Goes Beyond Prototyping

Challenges to adopting 3D printing on a large scale: Researchers

Don't give up: The inventor of 3D printing tells his story

3D printing hack: Researchers crash drone with sabotaged propeller

GE's Offer for 3-D Printer Firm on Course for Rejection

National Institute Corporation of Additive Manufacturing Xi'an is inaugurated

Optomec Improves Additive Repair Technique

Argon and Nitrogen Gas Management

Week of October 9

Concept Laser previews new metal 3D printing architecture

Is this the largest metal 3D part ever made?

6m long 3D printed aluminum spar could be world's biggest metal 3D printed object

Lufthansa Technik first to use Eostate MeltPool

GE begins testing first full engine in FATE program

Adira to launch world's first Tiled Laser Melting metal 3D printer with biggest ever build volume

Trumpf TruPrint 1000 metal 3D printer makes UK debut

NSL Analytical Services, Inc. Expands Testing Capabilities to Support Additive Manufacturing

Autodesk rolls out first major release of Netfabb since acquisition

New NIST Test Bed Makes the 'Digital Thread' Accessible

Week of October 2

Osaka Titanium targets aerospace and medical with TILOP64 additive manufacturing powder

US Marine test: 3D printed munition proved to be more lethal than conventional

Cloud-Based Simulation Tool for Additive Manufacturing

Simufact to launch process simulation software solution for metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal 3D printing company BeAM aiming to become industry leader

Investment will help make aircraft of the future

Bingbing Li, U.S. Air Force, "Selective laser melting system for additive manufacturing lightweight material fabrication"

Germany pushes 3D printing to edge, now printing ceramic structures

The Linde Group announces groundbreaking new 3D printing analysis unit

French additive manufacturing under study

ASTM International and ISO Unveil Framework for Creating Global Additive Manufacturing Standards

Optomec Introduces Hybrid Metal 3D Printing at Half the Cost

Webinar Metal 3D Printing vs Traditional Machining

Notre Dame Research Is Working with Manufacturers to Minimize Warping in Metal-printed Parts

SLM Solutions builds titanium valve body

SLM 125HL Metal 3D Printer

New equipment allows Ames Laboratory, ISU researchers to simulate commercial materials processing

Week of September 25

Aerojet Rocketdyne using 3D printing to replace Russian RD-180, to deliver affordable AR-1 rocket engine by 2019

Metal-based additive manufacturing: about to take off?

ASTM International Hires Director of Additive Manufacturing Programs

Taiwan sets up 3D printing alliance, aiming for larger global market

GE Publishes Offer Document for the Public Takeover Offer for SLM Solutions Group AG – Acceptance Period until October 24, 2016

Serious Implications to 3D Printing After GE's Acquisition

Week of September 18

Unlocking potential of 3-D printed rocket parts with neutrons

3DEXPERIENCE FORUM Additive Manufacturing Panel Discussion

Linde Gases advances 3D printing, launches measuring and analysis unit for extra control

Is Powder the Bottleneck for Metal Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing the Norm in 10 Years? Siemens Thinks So

Linde Launches Advanced Oxygen Measuring Technology to Improve Additive Manufacturing

OPM250L Metal 3D Printer

Powder-Bed-Based Laser-Melting with Metals (LaserCUSING®)

Zhuhai CTC Electronic launches Walnut 18 SLM metal 3D printer and Riverbase 500 industrial SLA 3D printer

3D Printing Metal at Room Temperature with UAM

NAVAIR Flies First 3D-Printed Safety-Critical Part

GE embracing 3D printing for faster production

Linde Gases working with Airbus on 3D printing

Authentise Aims to Support Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing

New Research & Consulting Service Provides Expert Insights into the AM Field -- A Few Questions For: Additive Manufacturing Research

NNMI Rebrands as Manufacturing USA

Week of September 11

German 3D Printer Maker Concept Laser Said to Explore a Sale

Authentise Releases 3Diax Machine Analytics: Real-time Status Monitoring for Additive Manufacturing

Russian scientists are creating a ceramic 3D printer with aerospace, defense, and energy applications

LPW Technology Establishes New R&D Facility for AM Metal Powder Degradation

Simufact to launch simulation software for metal 3D printing

Xi'an Bright Laser Technologies to equip metal 3D printing systems with Materialise Control Platform

Betatype-New lattice design workflow

Is 3D Printing the fugure of US productivity?

GE's Intended Acquisition Of 3-D Printing Companies: Financial Negatives May Outweigh Strategic Benefits

Week of September 4

GE speeds up 3D printing push with bids for SLM, Arcam

General Electric doubles investment in 3D printing with $1.4 billion purchase

Gartner says M&A frenzy shows 3D print has 'gone mainstream'

World's metal powder suppliers set for Hamburg, AM high on the agenda

Elcan Industries offers sieving systems for Additive Manufacturing process and Proto Labs Present Free Webinar on September 27! Register Now for "Designing for 3D Printing: Direct Metal Laser Sintering"

HPC4Mfg Issues Call for Proposals to Advance Energy Technology

Renishaw Announces Exchange Changes, Expansion

Aachen, Germany at the Forefront of 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing Equals Excitement

ASU-industry project explores new structural frontier for additive manufacturing

Week of August 28

3D Metal Printing Trends, Risks and Opportunities

3D design and 3D printing have become viable tools for nuclear sector, specialists say

Big AM Investments Continue

Govt debuts 3D printing strategy

Webinar: How to safely work with metal additive manufacturing machines – September 27, 2016

Factory of Tomorrow

With the EOS M 400-4, EOS Introduces Its Biggest and Fastest System for Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Titanium alloy powder 3D printing in China

Beijing Huitianwei Technology Takes Chinese 3D Printing Market by Storm with Fast-Growing HORI 3D Printer Line

Innovate WNY - 3D printing with liquid metal

Dates announced for 2017 Atomisation for Metal Powders short course

German 3D Printer Maker Concept Laser Said to Explore a Sale

U.S DOE-Funded Projects Aim to Reduce Environmental Impacts and Increase Energy Efficiency

South Africa's 3D Printing Sector Shows Potential Growth Across the Board

Week of August 21

The disruptive technology of 3-D printing

Could 3D Printing Be Used To Build The Next Generation of Aircraft Wings?

3D printed custom metal earphones from 'helloear' promise unrivaled clarity for $2,500

Metal 3D printing material vendors see growth opportunity

QY Market Research Releases Comprehensive Report: Worldwide 3D Printing of Metals Market 2016

Russian researchers are building a drone powered by a 3D printed engine

China to hold 3D Printing Summit in September

The Unseen Work Unleashing AM

GE announced it would invest $50M

Where in the world is 3D Printing? 3D Printing investment by countries and companies

Sigma Labs Releases Latest Version of PrintRite3D INSPECT Software, Based on Early Adopter Feedback

PADT secures America Makes grant to develop 3D printed lattice test model for aerospace partners

Is 3D printing a threat in an increasingly dangerous world?

Week of August 14

SLM report 105% increase in 3D printing sales, "faster rate" than market

Demand for laser 3D printing grows as Concept Laser reports 88 percent sales increase

Cybersecurity Concerns With 3D Printing

Pitt engineers receive grant to develop fast computational modeling for 3-D printing

Rosatom plans to have multiple industrial metal 3D printing centers in operation by 2030

3D-Printed Metals: A Patent Landscape Analysis Report 2016

News from China: Zhuhai CTC Electronic to launch SLM Metal 3D Printers

How much can you recycle metal additive manufacturing powder?

The 'Essential Eight' technologies that will change your business

Commercial Aviation: Growth Opportunities for Metal Additive Manufacturers Boom as OEMs Embrace a Disruptive Approach

Two "Secret" 3D Printing Startups

Taiwan's ITRI Looks to Materialise 3D Software to Help Build the Factory of the Future

Go on a tour of secretive 3D printing labs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

$2m additive manufacturing research project for nuclear power plants

Week of August 7

3D printing's brightest minds descend on Texas

Review: The 11th AM and 3D Printing Conference 2016

Metal additive manufacturing software 'Amphyon' uses simulations to offset printing distortions

Powder Metals Expand to Include Additive Manufacturing

Honeywell's Additive Manufacturing: All Science, No Fiction

FDA 'Gets it' When it Comes to 3D Printing

SLM Solutions again outgrows market in the first half of 2016

Honeywell moves beyond metal 3D printing's exploratory phase thanks to time and cost saving advantages

Scientist blazes the way for 3-D printing in Middle East

EXCLUSIVE: See inside Honeywell Aerospace's new aluminum additive manufacturing lab in Phoenix

Preventing Product Failure With Simulation Software

Week of July 31

EOS Acts as World Leader in Additive Manufacturing & Quality Assurance Practices

Additive Manufacturing Conference Announces Technical Program for 2016

Air Force researching advanced manufacturing techniques for aircraft parts replacement

NAVAIR Marks First Flight with 3-D printed, safety-critical parts

Siemens invests further in 3D manufacturing

DARPA's advanced 3D printing research, interview with Mick Maher

GE's New AM Center

Metal 3D Printing Opens New Doors for Industry

Wie der 3-D-Druck die Welt verbessern soll

Honeywell : MILITARY $1.51 Million Federal Contract Awarded to Honeywell International for metal sterolithography

New Industry Report: Metal 3D Printing is Now the Fastest Growing Segment of the 3D Printing Industry

​GE Oil & Gas makes some futuristic updates

KPMG: 27% of senior metals execs planning to invest in additive manufacturing, 25% already have

Week of July 24

Chinese-made All-in-One 3D Metal Printing Technology being used in China's Stealth Jet Fighters

World's First Metal 3D Printing Technology Combining Printing, Casting and Forging Developed in China

Chinese scientists develop first ever 3D printing, casting and forging all-in-one technique

Pitt Engineers Recieve $503,000 Study Grant

ENGIE Lab-Laborelec, Rolls-Royce Nuclear Join Additive Manufacturing Joint Industry Project

GE's Christine Furstoss: Cohesive 3D Printing Ecosystem Must Exist Before There is a True Manufacturing Revolution

Metal 3D printing takes flight

Making 3D printing work for you: Defining Business Models for Additive Manufacturing

GE's Avio Aero Hails Additive Manufacturing, Digital Future

America Makes Announces Project Call Awardees

GKN enters joint venture with TLS Technik for titanium additive manufacturing powders

Gas Turbine Blades Made Faster With Metals 3D Printing

Cessna Denali, Textron's new turboprop to feature a 3D printed propeller engine by GE

Aurora Machine first to get new liquid meta (droplet printer)l 3D machine

New EPMA Club Project: New Format for the Quality Test for Selective Laser Melting (SLM) powder (SLM-POWD) proposal

Rosatom to Develop Russia's First Industrial Metal 3D Printer for Nuclear Industry

ESA opens new Advanced Manufacturing lab at Harwell

Researchers Study Effect of 3D Printing on Materials

First Industrial-Scale 3D Printing Plant for Aerospace Metals Under Construction

Big Data's Role in 3D Printing

CMU launches consortium to unlock potential of 3-D printing

CMU launches consortium to unlock potential of 3-D printing

Week of July 17

Russian Researchers Start Work on Drone Powered by 3D-Printed Engine

Researchers embed 3D prints with acoustic meta-data that manipulates the production of sound

Creating super elastic 3D printed nanostructured materials

Metal Additive Technology Creates Large Parts

Superconducting properties of 3D printed parts

Could 3D printing trigger World War 3? Expert warns technology could allow rogue states to manufacture nuclear weapons

3D printing: a new threat to gun control and security policy?

How Additive Technologies Are Paving A Path To A Full-Scale Manufacturing Revolution

Manufacturing Leadership Council recognizes advancements at KCNSC

ESA Opens New Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory for Study of 3D Printing, Other Advanced Technologies in Space Missions

EU meeting identifies 3D printing as key technology for economic growth

Vortic's new 3D printed titanium watches 'Journeyman Series' launch on Kickstarter

Lab 22 – Australia's Centre for Additive Innovation

Chinese scientists develop new metal 3D printing technology

Ernst & Young study reveals Germany as world leader in 3D printing usage

Week of July 10

FrontLine: Forward-Thinking Companies Leveraging Additive Manufacturing

Alcoa Says Bring On Those Aerospace Materials Challenges

Norsk setting up industrial scale additive manufacturing plant in New York

NYU Researchers Report Cybersecurity Risks In 3D Printing

Competition brief: connected digital additive manufacturing

Holly Craig – "The women I meet in my profession are typically top notch since they have had to excel higher to achieve their position"

Rosatom unveils Russia's first domestic metal 3D printing system

Liquid (amorphous) Metals Aren't Easy to 3D Print, But These Companies Are Doing it

Alcoa Q2 Results Showcase the Company's Reliance on Metal 3D Printing

3D Printing is Passing the Aerospace Test

Department of Energy Awards $8 Million To Westinghouse For Nuclear Research

Teamwork Between Siemens and the Fraunhofer Institute Results in New Uses of Additive Manufacturing

Largest-ever qualified parts to be 3D printed in Europe using powder-bed metal additive manufacturing

BeAM offers innovative technology for new industrial applications

BMW Group to expand 3D printing for series components with planar 3D printing

Desktop Metal Raises $52 Million in Funding from GE Ventures, Saudi Aramco and More

Alcoa Opens Powdered Metal Production Facility for Metal 3D Printing

AFRL Inks $75M Additive Manufacturing R&D Agreement With America Makes

Role of 3D printing in development of aircraft components rising in South Africa

The Navy Sees 3D Printing as a Way to Navigate to a Flexible Future

Russian Helicopters showcases 3D printed metal parts for Ansat Helicopter at Innoprom 2016

Entirely 3D printed missiles on the horizon, says Raytheon Missile Systems president

Eaton : Opens Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Southfield, Mich.

Week of July 3

GE Oil & Gas Begins New Manufacturing Lines

10-Minute Tech Talk: Design for Selective Laser Sintering

Clever Attack Uses the Sound of a Computer's Fan to Steal Data

3D Printing Metal Interview with Arcam CEO Magnus René

Design optimisation for additive manufacturing

Alcoa Opens 3D Printing Metal Powder Plant

PrintValley is the First High-Speed Metal 3D Printing, Post-Processing, Verification and Mass Production System

An Interview with Innovate UK: 3D Printing the Future of Industry

Week of June 26

Focussing on laser melting performance

1 Unexpected Company Poised to Dominate 3D Printing

NanoSteel expands material capabilities for additive manufacturing

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine

How 3D printing is enabling the '4th Industrial Revolution' (Video)

Additive Manufacturing Equals Excitement

Materials research promoted in US FY 2017 budget request

University of Western Australia working on transformational 3D printing

UK creates first dedicated AM master's course

Lowering the entry barriers of additive manufacturing

Norsk Titanium secures $25 million in funding to expand aerospace 3D printing technologies

Realizing the potential of 3D printing. Interview with Shawn Moylan, NIST

NSF grant to create dynamic model for advanced manufacturing of metal components

Blog post: How much can you recycle metal additive manufacturing powder?

Vader Systems- 3D metal printing with Mk1

Addressing the Safety Concerns of 3D Printing with Metal

TRUMPF steals show with TruPrint 1000 metal 3D printer in Amsterdam

3D printing high-quality parts in aluminum alloy

Week of June 19

Airbus APWorks Partners with Altair to Advance Metal 3D Printing Adoption

Is 3D printed titanium about to get stronger?

TRUMPF – 3D Printing: Printing Metal Parts Quickly and Flexibly

All The 3D Print That's Fit to Pitt: New Additive Technology Center Opens Near Steel Town

Z3DLAB & InssTek Partner for Metal 3D Printing of South Korean Military Jet Parts & Medical Implants

3D printing: Air Liquide initiates FAIR, a collaborative project to develop a new French additive manufacturing sector

GE Oil & Gas opens new metal Additive Manufacturing production line at Italian plant

GE Hitachi Selected to Lead U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Nuclear Technology Research Project

Week of June 12

Renishaw introduces RenAM 500M building machine

Dutch government invests additional €134 million in 3D printing and innovation

Labs in NNSA lead the way in 3D printing – the next industrial revolution

Heraeus GmbH : Amorphous metals now 3D-printed for the first time

The University of Pittsburgh and ANSYS develop new computing tools to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing

Active Power to Help Manufacturers Address Devastating Effects of Power Quality Problems at Additive Manufacturing Europe

Energy Department invests $82 Million to advanced nuclear technology

Bayview Yards Innovation Centre gets $8M for cybersecurity, digital lab

"The Tanks of the IDF - the best in the world"

Investigators at Pennsylvania State University Target Alloys (Printability of alloys for additive manufacturing)

Week of June 5

Meet the Scientist: L.J. Holmes

The New Federal Trade Secrets Act – Another Way to Protect Additive Manufacturing

Women in 3D Printing

Honeywell, University of New Mexico to collaborate on science and innovation

Additive manufacturing with real-time monitoring

What's Next In Additive Manufacturing? (Aviation Week)

What 3-D Printing Can Do for Metals (Wall Street Journal)

SLM 500HL Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine

Could 3D printing metals revolutionise manufacturing?

Metal 3D Printer 101: The Facts You Should Know

Week of May 29

How Do We Move from Metal Rapid Prototyping to Metal Additive Manufacturing?

SME Awards Additive Manufacturing Leaders and Visionaries

Metal additives manufacturing: Key market research findings

Robot Bike Company Blends 3D Printed Titanium with Carbon Fiber for R160 Mountain Bike Frame

DSM and Chemtrix sign distributorship on continuous flow reactors

France launches funding initiative for 3D printing

Week of May 22

First 3D-printed motorcycle built by Airbus

Automated 3D Post-Printing System offers dual functionality.

3D printing explodes in China

FDA Releases New Draft Guidance Document on 3D Printing of Medical Devices

Metallic microlattices and applications

New research to explore additive repair for aerospace

EOS on lowering the barrier to metal 3D printing

Mixed Metals, Magnets and Open Materials: A Look at Emerging New Company Formalloy at RAPID 2016

Arcam unveils two new industrial 3D printers, plans to build powder plant in Montreal

11 Universities That Are Leading The World In 3D Printing

Renishaw AM 400 Simplifies Change-Over between Metal Powders

Airbus Files Patent for 3D Printing Process That Could Print Entire Super-Strong Airplanes

Response: Incorrect representation of metals 3-D printing research in media - 3D Printed Titanium Fatally Flawed?

Mazak combines traditional and additive manufacturing for i-400AM

The Father of 3D Printing Looks Ahead

Canadian manufacturers urge the federal government to adopt a national digital manufacturing strategy

European Parliament calls for common and competitive 3D printing strategy

Additive Impact Part 2

Week of May 15

Printing metal in midair

How expiring patents are ushering in the next generation of 3D printing

3D Printing Materials Get Smarter with Granta & Senvol Partnership

SLM Solutions receives the "Best of Industry" AWARD 2016

Images: Navy Officials: 3D Printing To Impact Future Fleet with 'On Demand' Manufacturing Capability [Image 4 of 4]

US Navy plans to fly a Boeing V-22 Osprey aircraft with 3D printed part in June

Additive Industries Re-Opens the Beta for Their Modular Automated MetalFAB1 3D Printing and Manufacturing System

Week of May 8

WNLO unveils China's largest SLM 3D printer for production of metal parts

Researchers use titanium-tantalum alloy to improve stress absorption of 3D printed implants

Arcam launches Qplus

Plasma Spheroidization Improves Quality of Metal Powder for AM

Electron beam melting of crushable structures for the Mars Return Capsule

H.C. Starck to offer specialized refractory metal powders for additive manufacturing

SLM solutions reports 63% revenue growth in Q1/16

China builds largest metal 3D printing equipment (video)

NASA Seeks Early Stage Tech Proposals from Universities for Future Space Missions

The rise of additive manufacturing and its symbiosis with optimisation in design

Innovate UK Launching $6.6 Million Funding Competition for 3D Printing

Visual guide to cellular structures in metal AM

Week of May 1

Process monitoring and quality control: commercial implementations

How to address safety concerns with metal 3D printing

Topology Optimization Advances to Support Additive Manufacturing

Airbus' New 3D Printing Manufacturing Initiative to Make Its Planes Fly Better

Additive Manufacturing in Defense and Federal Government The 3D opportunity (Video)


EOS, Leader in Industrial 3D-Printing Technology, Expands U.S. Presence with Opening of New Facility in Texas

7 Questions on Additive Manufacturing in the US

Leap-1B awarded joint FAA, EASA type certification

3 Tricks to Optimize STL Designs for 3D Printing

When 3D Printing Gets Into The Wrong Hands

Audi revs up 3D printing initiative with purchase of SLM 280 HL 3D printer by SLM Solutions

Week of April 24

3D printing: a real revolution?

Additive Impact Part 1

Horizon project, a £13.4 million R&D program, gaining momentum

71% of US manufacturers optimistic about competitive advantage brought about by 3D printing

3D Printing of Metals 2015-2025 : Pricing, properties and projections for 3D printing equipment, materials and applications

DARPA Launches Transformative Design Program to Develop New Materials

Deutsche Bahn to 3D print their spare parts

Video: Metal Additive Manufacturing, Step by Step

Industrialising Additive Manufacturing of metal components

Visual guide to the most common defects in powder bed fusion technology

SLM process control - pre-processing of reactive aluminium powders to minimise porosity

Desktop Metal Raises $33.8 Million

GE Build World's Largest Commercial Jet Engine using 3D Printing

Design rules revolution: DMLS requires a new thought process

NASA successfully tested the world's First Full Scale 3D Printed Rocket Engine

The science of metal additive manufacturing

Blog post: Making metal Additive manufacturing more accessible

GE opens first Advanced Manufacturing facility in South Carolina

3D Printing: Enabler of Mass Destruction?

Stratasys' Backdoor Path Into Metal 3D Printing?

University of Melbourne in Australia has successfully 3D printed a superconducting aluminum cavity

Here's how Marines are using 3-D printing to make their own parts

Week of April 17

Investigating the effects of multiple powder re-use cycles in AM

Project BRIDLE — Brilliant Industrial Diode Lasers

LPW launches 'Total Powder Management' concept

Technology Trends in Laser-based Metal Additive Manufacturing

Caterpillar opens '3D Printing & Innovation Accelerator' at Illinois HQ

A Consideration of EBM versus DMLS Industrial Metal 3D Printing Processes, Part 1

Industrialising Additive Manufacturing of metal components

Welding makes major impact on 3D printing technology

The Questions Executives Should Ask About 3D Printing

NTopology Releases Free Version of Their Computer-Generative Design Software "Element"

How laser technology is helping in 3D printing?

World's First 3D Printed Bridge Paves Way to New Era of Construction

Innovative 3D printing solutions are "taking shape" within Airbus

Airbus receives first two highly efficient LEAP-1A engines featuring 3D printed fuel nozzles

What's possible with additive manufacturing – Additive 2016

Additive Industries delivers first MetalFAB1 system to Airbus APWorks

Week of April 10

How GE is using 3D printing to unleash the biggest revolution in large-scale manufacturing in over a century

SLM with optimized process technology and new materials: magnesium alloys open up further areas of application (translation)

Qualification and certification routes for additive manufacturing of mass produced metal components

Toshiba Machine Announces a Metal 3D Printer

Report:​ 3D printing creates unprecedented range of military threats

Aerospace factory based on additive manufacturing lifts off

Missouri S&T, Honeywell team up in metals research

Video: Does Metal Additive Manufacturing Compete with Machining?

Trumpf TruPrint Serie 1000 metal printer

Höganäs unveils high strength 17-4 PH stainless steel powder for 3D printing

Lasers and additive manufacturing: a win/win?

Innovations in Metal 3D Printing

Week of April 3

Democratization and glorious data: The future of American manufacturing

Numerical Modelling of Powder-Bed Additive Layer Manufacturing

GE is Using 3D Printing and Their New Smart Factory to Revolutionize Large-Scale Manufacturing

Germany's ACAM Lines Up Dynamic 2016 with Six New Member Projects & Series of Twelve Seminars

Senvol Keeps Making Things Easier: Now Introducing Senvol Indexes

Increasing Operational Readiness through 3-D Printing

Additive mfg. machines maker BeAM raises $3.42 million

GE Celebrates Grand Opening of First Additive Manufacturing Center in Pittsburgh

MetalFAB1 Integrates 3DSIM's Print Preview Software

Wohlers Report 2016 reveals $1 billion growth in 3D printing industry

The Future of Manufacturing in Europe

New Software for Additive Manufacturing: SLM Solutions and CADS close joint venture

USA sets out nuclear security strategy

Manufacturing Goes Organic

Johns Hopkins opens additive manufacturing center of excellence

The HORIZON (AM) project, a £13.4 million research and development program,has had its fourth project meeting

AMUG: XJet Presenting NanoParticle Jetting Metal 3D Printing Process to Large Crowd

Alcoa : to Supply 3D-Printed Metal Parts for Airbus Aircraft

3D printing facility for aerospace sector planned for Munich

Workshop at RMIT Advanced Manufacturing precinct on 3D metal additive manufacturing

Airbus Group to establish 3D printing Aerospace Factory in Germany

3D Printing and its ambitions in Oil and Gas

3D Printing Metal Market by Form, by Type, by Application, and by Region - Global Forecast to 2020

Metal 3D Printing and EBM Technology at São Paulo — A Few Questions For: Arcam

Norsk Titanium to expand aerospace metal 3D printing in U.S. and beyond

Week of March 27

Data Security in 3D Printing and Other Challenges for CIOs

The Accelerating Use of 3D Printed Metal Parts in Manufacturing

How GE is using 3D printing to unleash the biggest revolution in large-scale manufacturing in over a century

Record Sales at Concept Laser

Concept Laser sees highest sales growth in 2015 with 161 3D printers sold

Why more companies want to make 3D-printed metal parts

SLM Solutions posts outstanding earnings in 2015

Premium Aerotec begins production of metal 3D printed parts for Airbus Group

Component-maker Premium Aerotec installs laser AM systems from Concept Laser to produce initial 1 ton of parts per month.

Freedom in Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing

Reactive and Non-Reactive Metal Alloys in Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion

Zhuhai CTC Electronic's Walnut Line is China's First Proprietary Metal 3D Printer

3D Printing Key To Hypersonic Weapons: Raytheon

Fonon Corporation Announces Metal Additive Manufacturing Product Line

Week of March 20

Taking a Close Look at Metal 3D Printing

Industrialising AM - creating predictable, productive processes

Additive Industries Sells Out of Advanced MetalFAB1 3D Printers in Three Months

Airbus will be printing half of its airplanes in the future

3D Printing of Metals: 2015-2025

LIGHT event to highlight findings of design for metal 3D printing project

Advanced laser manufacturing technique launched in South Africa

Spring 2016 HPC4Mfg Solicitation Open

Trends to watch in metal additive manufacturing (podcast)

Methods 3D Installs 3D Systems' New Prox DMP 320 3-D Metal Printers in Technical Centers Across US

Week of March 13

HORIZON gives update on aerospace additive manufacturing project at Delcam

Finalists Announced for Additive Industries' Metal 3D Printing Design Contest

America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative (AMSC)

UK Government Report Says 3D Printing is a Threat to National Security, and That Should Scare You

No major revolution in metalworking due to additive manufacturing

GE Global Research Center for Additive Manufacturing

3D printed jewelry goes platinum with Cooksongold's first platinum 3D printing powder

Penn State Releases Roadmap for Next Generation of Additive Manufacturing Materials

Metal Additive Manufacturing Set to Make a Splash — A Few Questions For: Spencer Wright

US Navy taps Metal Technology to develop 3D printed components for (Trident) missile propulsion system

Concept Laser announcea 46% growth

How Renishaw Is Lowering Barriers to Additive Manufacturing

South Africa will play host to an international conference for innovation called Additive Manufacturing (AM) – Improving Your World Layer-by-Layer

Noura Imprinting Layers Industries launches Iran's first SLM metal 3D printer

Metal 3D Screen Printing from Fraunhofer Enables Batch 3D Printing of Metal Parts

South Korea's InssTek announces DMT metal 3D printer export deal for European market

XJet Gets Funded to 3D Print Most Accurate Metal Parts to Date

U.S. Navy missile program uses first 3D printed component

Week of March 6

Discovering the Four-Laser SLM 500 HL 3D Printer with SLM Solutions' Director of Engineering

A Silver Bullet for 3D Printing?

3D Printing in Aerospace Is Mostly About Metals

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Process Works with Difficult Materials

SLM with new materials: magnesium alloys pave the way for new application areas

Aerojet Rocketdyne : Successfully Tests Complex 3-D Printed Injector in World's Most Reliable Upper Stage Rocket Engine

Intense X-rays expose tiny flaws in 3-D printed titanium that can lead to breakage over time

China's first mini metal 3D printer unveiled, capable of 3D printing metal jewelry

Bad vibrations: UCI researchers find security breach in [extrusion or FDM] 3-D printing process

MTI completes next milestone regarding additive manufacturing of C-103, A Niobium based alloy

Virtual panel discussion on 3D printing

Israeli Metal 3D Printing XJet Raises Additional $25 Million

Additively manufactured material under scrutiny

Inauguration of 3D Advanced Additive Manufacturing Center

Lockheed to build satellites 40 percent faster with metal 3D printing technology

Global Metal 3D Printers Market (2015-2020) - Key Players are Additive Industries, 3D Systems & Dassault Systmes - Research and Markets

Apple invents a new Liquid (amorphous) Metal Based 3D Printing Method for Rapid Product Prototyping

Cyber Security Show: 3D printing still needs security to be built in

X'ian Bright Laser Technologies debuts latest metal 3D printing system at TCT Asia

Digital Transformation is Scaling Up: the Impact on Technology Services

DOE funds manufacturing projects driven by HPC

Making the most of AM

Week of February 28

LPW begins plasma spheroidization of powder metals for AM

New Hyproline System Capable of High-Speed Mass Customization of Metal 3D Printed Parts

Metal Cutting Corporation Excels in Polishing Metal Parts for 3D Printed Medical Devices

13 Universities Investing Heavily in 3D Printing

Industrial gas supplier BOC launches new gas for cleaning 3D printed metal parts

3D MakerJet Inc. Strives to Shorten the Supply Chain with Portable Powderless Metal 3D Printing

Concept Laser GmbH wins the 2016 International Additive Manufacturing Award

Oil drillers use additive manufacturing to create drilling parts

Week of February 21

UL AMCC Experts Discuss Hazards in 3D Metal Printing & Safety Precautions to Put in Place

10 New HPC Projects to Advance U.S. Manufacturing & Energy Technology

Modeling & Simulation in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Residual stress formation in H13 tool steel produced by Additive Manufacturing

Revenues from Metal Additive Manufacturing Powders to Reach $1.2 Billion in 2021

A Few Questions For: IDTechEx Discusses Metal 3D Printing Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Establishes Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence

SLM Solutions : SLM Solutions: Consolidated revenue almost doubles in 2015

NVBOTS Introduces Ultra-High Speed, Multi-Metal 3D Printing Technology for Commercial Use through Alpha Program

Fraunhofer Invents New Method for 3D Screen Printing of Metals

GE Aviation additive leader named a world-shaping innovator

SLM Solutions erhält den Best of Industry AWARD 2016

US Congress To Examine 3D Printing Advances

German Fraunhofer IFAM institute reveals new high quality metal 3D screen printing technology

Week of February 14

Your Future Flatware Will Be Forged by 3D Printing

Metal 3D printing soaring in Singapore's blooming aviation industry

Sciaky launches closed loop control for EBAM metal 3D printing systems

Renishaw : to give UK debut to its new metal additive manufacturing system at MACH 2016

3D metals printing: how will it look in five years?

Titanium Safety Committee seeks to develop fresh data to help illuminate safety standards

Week of February 7

World's First 3D-Printed Titanium Cranial Implant Cleared By FDA

Arc Bicycle: 3D-Printed Stainless Steel Bike From MX3D

Revenues From Metal Additive Manufacturing Powders to Reach $1.2 Billion in 2021 Says New SmarTech Study

Simplify your design and save weight using Additive manufacturing

Carnegie Mellon professor predicts 5 key advances in metal 3D printing

America Makes Smart Structure Challenge

Are 3D-Printed Metal Parts Good Enough for End-Production? Lawrence Livermore - and Physics - Say Yes

Medical 3D Printing and Metals in use in Medical Devices

Week of January 30

Exclusive: NVBOTS Launches NVLABS with New High-Speed, Multi-Metal 3D Printing

Watch & Learn: Additive Manufacturing is a Sandbox for Industry 4.0

Stryker is Committing to 3D Printing with Upcoming Multimillion-Dollar 3D Printing Manufacturing Facility

Mysterious Wire-Feed, Powderless Metal 3D Printer to Be Unveiled Sometime This Year

Fonon Introduces Revolutionary Technology for 3D Metal Printing

Tantalum Powder from Metalysis Shows a Lot of Promise for 3D Printed, Customized Hip Replacements and Spinal Implants

Siemens invests EUR 21.4M to open first metal 3D printing facility in Sweden

SLM Solutions to begin metal powder production

3D printing of metals market to reach 2600 unit by 2021, at the growth rate of 26.86% according to new research report

How Concept Laser is speeding up precision tooling

Delcam adds ABB robot for additive manufacturing capabilities

Additive-manufactured components printed via melting metal alloy filaments

Efficient powder handling critical for success of industrial processes

Topology Optimization Issues

3D Systems Debuts a Huge Metal Production Printer

Week of January 24

The 3D printing predicament

3D Printing Titanium for Jet Structures Shows "Excellent Results"

Renishaw seeks niche in 3D printing machines

Is Velo3D Poised to Revolutionize 3-D Printing—and Robotics?

Sigma Labs and 3DSIM Sign Technology Development Agreement for Metal AM

3MF Consortium Announces New Founding Member, GE Global Research

5 Reasons Why Metal 3D Printing is Big and Getting Bigger

3D MakerJet Inc. R&D Prototypes Industry's First Powderless Wire-Feed Metal 3D Printer

Medical Giant Stryker to Build Metal 3D Printing Facility

Process control in powder bed fusion of reactive metal powders: oxides, hydroxides, hydrated oxides and water films

Week of January 17

EOS M 100 DMLS system offers entry level functionality

ORNL's thermal cameras snoop beneath surfaces to reveal materials' secrets

Guest post: Additive manufacturing - Key factor in mechanical engineering

Swedish research trio establishes national arena for metal 3D printing

Inside 3D Printing 2016 Düsseldorf with METAV: Emphasis on Metal 3D Printing

Exclusive: NVBOTS Launches NVLABS with New High-Speed, Multi-Metal 3D Printing

Industry 4.0 And Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing Technique Needs to Go One Step Further for Fourth Industrial Revolution

TIME magazine puts spotlight on GE Aviation Additive Manufacturing

EOS icreases sales revenues by 53 percent over the previous year

ASTM/NIST Workshop on Mechanical Behavior of Additive Manufactured Components

Week of January 10

Updated Freeman Technology website offers support to powder processors

Concept Laser to offer factory building kit to productionise additive manufacturing by year end

Letting the right powder flow for metals 3D printing

Metals Gaining Ground as a 3D Printing Material

Equispheres enhances metal powders for 3D printing with proprietary atomizer technology

A faster and cheaper way to 3D print with metal powders and even rust

EOS increased sales revenues by 53 percent over the previous year

Chinese experts unveil first 3D printed nuclear fuel element, could be widely used in 10 years

Researchers outline physics of metal 3D printing

3D Systems' Massive ProX DMP 320

US Navy adopts metal 3D printing as practical manufacturing tool in warfare center

Week of January 3

3D Printing Gases Market by Type, Technology, Storage & Distribution, Function & End User - Forecast to 2020

Sweden's Arcam Expands into U.S. 3D Metal Printing Market, Relocates CEO to Massachusetts

GE's Avio Aero orders 10 new Arcam EBM metal 3D printers to produce aerospace parts

3D printing without support material: science fiction come true or pipe dream?

Trumpf to offer selective laser melting for 3D printing of metals

EOS and SLM Solutions agree a cross-licence for Laser Sintering / Selective Laser Melting

Process control in powder bed fusion of reactive metal powders: oxides, hydroxides, hydrated oxides and water films

Equispheres Announces Commissioning of Proprietary Atomization Reactor to Produce Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing and Metal Spray; Files Patent Application for Atomization Technology

Xjet Promises Inkjet-Style Metal Printing

Vortic Watch Company Uses 3D Printing to Combine the Old with the New

How Is Caterpillar Moving Forward with AM?

ARCAM Expands: Validating The Increasing Interest In Metal 3D Printing?

3D Systems Launches ProX DMP 320 for High Precision, High Throughput Direct Metal Printing

Metal Technology (MTI) forges new path with metal 3D printing and English Racing

Airbus Is Ready for Industrialization of 3D Printing in 2016, Peter Sander Reveals

Automated real-time monitoring of AM

Additive manufacturing demonstrator parts' progress revealed as project nears conclusion

Xaar appoints Neil Hopkinson as director of 3D printing

Aerojet Rocketdyne has won a $6 million contract to define AM standards

SLM Solutions exceeds revenue target for 2015

Ceramic Grinding Media Advancements for Optimized 3D-Printed Part Finishing

Top Five Metal 3D Printing Predictions for 2016

This is the first object 3D-printed from alien metal

Lloyd's Register launches a new global certification framework to help manufacturers and end users of equipment and components achieve 'best practice' in additive manufacturing and a route to certification

Intelligent '3D printing' machine tool optimizes metal manufacturing without human aid

ITRI and Mitsubishi Financial Group raise US$45M to develop laser technology for 3D printing

Week of December 13

Sellafield nuke plant considers 3D printing to save UK taxpayers millions of pounds

How, When, Why: A Guide to 3D Printing with Titanium

Metal 3D printer sales up 45% worldwide in Q3 2015

3D MicroPrint: Laser Sintering Technology to 3D Print Tiny Metal Parts

The Value of Metal and Powder Simulation: LLNL videos

Arcam expands aerospace and medical 3D printing solutions to US market

Additive Industries' MetalFAB1 3D Printer Flies into Airbus Factory

Colorado School of Mines awarded $2.5M grant to refine metal 3D printing process for aerospace

Process control in powder bed fusion of reactive metal powders: oxides, hydroxides, hydrated oxides and water films

Week of December 6

Norsk Titanium AMAZEs Summit Attendees With Rapid Plasma Deposition 3D Metal Printing Technology

Largescale adoption of metal 3D printing by US military could take >10 years, experts say

ITRI develops new laser tech for regulating hardness of metal parts during 3D printing

South Africa aiming to become a leader in additive manufacturing

Future Prize: 3D printing enables aviation industry to flourish

CONTEXT Industry Analysis: The Power of Metal 3D Printing Continues to Grow Impressively

Ames Laboratory-developed titanium powder processing gains international customer base

Developments in metal 3D printing

Additive manufacturing builds concerns layer by layer

High Detail Stainless Steel Design Guide

Europe is leading in metal 3D printers

Toshiba Unveils Metal 3D Printer Prototype

Week of November 22

Software for designing additive manufacturing supports

The Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing

SLM Solutions reports skyrocketing sales of additive manufacturing systems

Toshiba Announces Working Prototype for Metal 3D Printing

Additive Industries Licenses EOS Metal 3D Printing Patents

Residual stress in metal components built using laser direct deposition

Effect of particles size distribution and packing density on the formation of balling defects during SLM of In718

Week of November 22

World's First Inkjet Metal 3D Printer to Launch in 2016

ASTM Committee F42 Establishing Standards for Additive Manufacturing

Predictive Theoretical and Computational Approaches for Additive Manufacturing

New monitoring system for AM

Renishaw introduces two new metal 3D printer models and its QuantAM preparation software

Formnext expo sees 3D laser printing innovations

New horizons in 3D printing

3D printing powder market expected to reach $639.9M by 2020

South Korean air force incorporates 3D printed metal parts into fighter jet engines

LPW talks risk and reliability for metal additive manufacturing materials

3-D Manufacturing of Titanium Components Takes Off

Advanced 3D printer for metal components developed

Week of November 15

EOS launch new metal 3D printing machine at formnext

Trumpf: Printing metal parts quick and adaptable

Additive Industries MetalFAB1 to rival industrial 3D printing systems tenfold

Renishaw presents metal additive manufacturing systems and software

EOS launches additive manufacturing monitoring and analysis system

China to invest $313 million in 3D Printing R&D

3D Printing Brings Out the Full Potential of Topology Optimization

Week of November 8

South Korean military adopts 3D printing to manufacture vehicle parts and more

Israel's Objet tackling metal AM

Where the jobs are.... 3D printing

Dr. John Steuben Awarded ASME Best Ph.D. Thesis of the Year

Here's Why 3D Printing Needs More Metal

EOS Emphasizes Focus on Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing Products

Xjet to Launch Revolutionary Inkjet Metal 3D Printing Nanotechnology

South Africa Aeroswift project

Titanium Sales by the Additive Manufacturing Industry to Exceed $330 Million

SpaceX completes development testing of SuperDraco engines

GE 3D Prints Mini Steam Turbine for Water Desalination

Week of November 1

Materialise partners with Additive Industries on build processor for MetalFAB 1

Freeman Technology has added a range of new content to its website

Airbus to cooperate with Russia on titanium parts production

Airbus continues to develop cooperation with South Africa

Optical Penetration Depth of Laser beams in Powder Bed

Next-generation electron beam device could vastly improve metal 3D printers

Key design considerations for metal additive manufacturing

3D Printing Thinks Really Big

South Africa taking global lead in powder bed 3D printing technology

Metal 3D Printing Industry Leaders Meet at Milan's RP Forum

Europe expects 41% share in the additive manufacturing market by 2020

Laser Direct Imager (LDI) Increases the Innovative Power of High-Precision Metal Components

Week of October 25

Auvergne region in France invests €6.3 million in metal additive manufacturing

Design for Metal 3D Printing

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology Brochure Launched

Trumpf set to combine tech for new metal 3D printing systems

Thales satellites to feature largest 3D-printed parts ever made in Europe

Use of Titanium in 3D Printing of Airplane Parts is a Major Boost to 3D Printing Materials Market

PyroGenesis to enter 3D printing market, will produce powders for additive manufacturing

Vader Systems, a 3-D metal printing startup, closes on $500K in venture capital

Game-changing GE Aviation technology comes to life in Alabama (video)

Stratasys, Big VCs invest $14M on 3D metal printing startup Desktop Metal

TRUMPF to Unveil New Metal 3D Printers at formnext

formnext exhibition to showcase the global elite in metal Additive Manufacturing

PyroGenesis to produce specialty 'pure spherical' metal powders for 3D printing

Week of October 18

Bringing safety to the forefront helps to mitigate the risk of additive technology

Planning a larger role for 3-D printing

Metal 3D Printing is Helping NASA Blast Off into Space

Researchers develop new metal materials through 3D printing

Video: Terry Wohlers: Will the 3D Printing Boom Continue?

A Diamond in the Rough: The Challenge of Finding Great Talent in AM

Arcam reports almost 100% growth in sales

Aerojet Rocketdyne, UT, ORNL acquire three laser additive manufacturing machines for aerospace industry

Week of October 11

VIDEO: Parts Consolidation and Additive Manufacturing

Pratt, GE Battle for Future of Military Engines

3-D Printed Plane Parts Help Sweden's Arcam to Take Off

A Pair of Korean Satellites to Include Largest 3D Printed Parts Ever Made in Europe

Learning to melt metal

New 3D Printed Lamellar Titanium Technology encourages bone growth with spinal implants


Additive manufacturing joint industry project

Hot Firing Tests Direct Metal Laser Sintered Injector Fuel Nozzles for Space Launch System

Construction of world's first 3D printed metal bridge begins today in Red Light District of Amsterdam

Week of October 4

The benefits of additive manufacturing trump cost

Norsk To Industrialize Aerospace Additive Manufacturing

The desktop blacksmith? A123 Systems veterans team up for printer that can make metal parts

Blue Origin's BE-4 engine passes staged-combustion tests

Compact burners made using AM

3D Systems and Penn State Launch Partnership to Support U.S. Aerospace and Defense Industry Adoption of Direct Metal Printing

Manufacturing Leadership's New "Critical Issues" Focus on Manufacturing 4.0

Taiwan Develops Metal Additive Manufacturing Process

3D Printing of Metals: 2015-2025 - Reportlinker Review

The Industry's First Additive Manufacturing Laser Optimized For 3D Metal Printing Systems by Fonon Corporation

Metals 3D Printing: Machines Guide

Alcoa is building a multi-metals powder facility to make the critical input material for metallic 3D-printed parts

Week of September 27

Renishaw to lower the cost of entry to metal 3D printing

World premiere of a compact-class Additive Manufacturing system

SmarTech Projects Huge Spending in 3D Printing for Space & Defense Aerospace Markets by 2022

Researchers Use 3D Printer to Make New Materials

Week of September 27

Renishaw to lower the cost of entry to metal 3D printing

World premiere of a compact-class Additive Manufacturing system

SmarTech Projects Huge Spending in 3D Printing for Space & Defense Aerospace Markets by 2022

Researchers Use 3D Printer to Make New Materials

Week of September 20

Why 3D printing is the future of manufacturing, not just a cool gimmick

A Look into Powder Materials for Metal 3D Printing

Selective laser melting: Impact of powder on steel components porosity

Reducing hydrogen pores formation in AlSi10Mg processed by Selective Laser Melting

Hydrogen pore formations in AlSi10Mg processed by SLM

Qualifying and quantifying powder flowability for powder bed fusion technology

How do SLM process defects impact Ti64 mechanical properties?

Production costs of additive manufacturing – a case study for powder bed fusion technologies

Powder bed fusion: factors affecting the surface roughness of thin walls

Fundamentals of selective beam melting: melting

Todd Grimm Column: Critical Mass

Interview with Terry Wohlers

Materialise Opens Metal 3D Printing Factory in Germany (Materialise NV)

Frank Herzog Nominated for German Future Prize 2015 for LaserCUSING Metal 3D Printing Process

Self-healing, additive alloys study for aerospace kicks off

Renishaw : lowers the entry barrier to metal 3D printing

Techniques could create better material, design in high-consequence uses

AssureNet R&D project provides quality assurance for metal 3D printed parts

Alcoa Invents 3DP Materials & Processes for Aerospace End-Products

Week of September 13

Energy Department Announces Two New Actions to Spur Clean Energy Manufacturing Growth and Innovation

High Performance Computing for Manufacturing Program (HPC4Mfg)

2016 International Additive Manufacturing Award Competition Launches

NASA Tests Provide Rare Opportunity to Get 3-D Printed Part Comparison Data

Researcher at University of Pittsburgh Receives Over $1 Million Total to Research 3D Printed Turbines

Re-Introducing Additive Manufacturing

Revenues from 3D Printing for Space and Defense Aerospace to Reach $600 Million by 2022

A Look into Powder Materials for Metal 3D Printing

Materialise and Arcam Partner to Enable Seamless Integration Between Software and Metal 3D Printer

Laser Based Direct Metal Deposition by RCAM

The Michelin Group & Fives join forces

TNOs Hyproline could clean and polish 100 metal 3D printed parts simultaneously, makes mass production 3D printing realistic

Beyond the Desktop: The Potential of Additive Manufacturing (Episode 1)

Beyond the Desktop: Additive Manufacturing and Medical Applications (Episode 2)

Week of September 6

Alcoa Invests $60 Million to Expand Pennsylvania R&D Center

Arcam Expands in the US with New Sales and Support Office in Woburn, MA

Delcam to Preview PartBuilder Software for Additive Manufacturing at TCT

New Magazine will Inform and Educate Designers and Engineers on 3D Metal Printing Technology

SMU Unveils Video of Unique LBDMD Metal 3D Printing Process Using 6-axis Robot

Concept Laser helps companies get to grips with additive manufacturing

Navies could use 3D-printing to build military vessels

New 3D metal printing technique combines lasers and advanced robotics

Michelin to Develop Metal 3D Printers in €25 Million Joint Venture

Hoeganaes introduces metal powders for AM

Beyond the Desktop: The Potential of Additive Manufacturing (Episode 1)

Free Industrial AM Database Adds Over 100 Machines and Materials

Concept Laser reports revenue growth in the first half of 2015

Week of August 30

Metal-based 3D-printer company SLM Solutions confirms robust growth for 2015

Aerospace firms should consider inspections when using 3D printing

SLM Solutions Says Orders for Metal 3D-Printing Machines Three Times Greater Than Same Period in 2014

Alcoa Expands R&D Center to Deepen Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

Week of August 23

Aurora Labs Developing Large '100 Times Faster' Metal 3D Printer–NASA Interested

Senvol 3D printing Database adds over 100 new machines, materials

Air Force Space and Missile Center taps local firm to push the envelope in 3D printing

Analysts Say You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! 3D Printing Set to Boom Exponentially Over Next 5 Years

SLM Solutions reports continued growth for metal additive manufacturing systems in 2015

3D Printing of Metals: 2015-2025

Harry Kleijnen Set to Take Over MetalFAB1 3D Printer Development for Additive Industries

Software For Laser Additive Manufacturing

3D printing titanium: Learning to learn from success

This Startup Has Figured Out How to Grow Metal Like a Tree

Siemens' Gas Turbines to Get a Boost via UK Metal 3D Printing Company

NASA successfully tests 3D printed turbopump for rocket propulsion, reaching 90,000 rpms

Week of August 16

Dr. Shah's TEAM Lab "Bioprints Metals" with EnvisionTEC's 3D Bioplotter

3D-printing style additive manufacturing for commercial hardmetals

Week of August 9

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Survey is Heavy on Metal

3D Printing's Future Is in Metals, New Methods

Foredrag: The AMAZE Project: Bringing 3D Printing into the metal age

Metal 3D printing for the operating room

Metal Leads 3D Printing Market

How far can metal additive manufacturing take aircraft engines?

Week of August 2

IDTechEx says metal 3D printer equipment market growing at 48%

China Shipbuilding Corporation Develops New DMLS 3D Printing Process

Praxair to Market Fine Titanium Powders for the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Conversation: The Future of 3D Printing

Optomec Posts 100% Revenue Growth in First Half of 2015

Plus-Mfg's +1000k Multi Material Metal 3D Printer Shows Its Power

New Technology Allows to Process Platinum for the First Time at the Micro Level

TWI and LR Energy launch joint industry project in laser additive manufacturing

Week of July 26

Ex-Aerojet chief to head Norwegian 3D printer; eyes big US site

Global 3D Printing of Metals Market: 2015-2025

Running hot – the Australian taking 3D printing from the lab to the factory

Metal Additive Manufacturing Optimized Via Simulation Solution

Concept Laser Beats Own Record with Largest Laser Metal 3D Printer

Simulation App Lets Designers Test Shaped Metal Deposition Processes

Researchers Solve Major Issue Surrounding Metal 3D Printing With Reusable Substrates

Summer 2015 issue of Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine now available to download

How digital can reach new heights in aerospace and defense - research

Study: Metals industry faces big change with 3-D printing

Additive manufacturing comes to the Israel Air Force (IAF) with new 3D printer

BeAM's CLAD 3D Printing Technology — Metal 3D Printing Evolved for Repairs & Manufacturing

Week of July 19

The High Potential of Sensors & 3D Printing

China showcases large 3D printed metal frames for new generation of military aircraft

America Makes Releases Member Database

World's Largest Shipbuilder, Hyundai Heavy, to Focus On 3D Printing Ship Parts Via New Innovation Center

New AM company focuses on aerospace

Measuring the Residual Strains in 3D Printed Components


Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine archive

The next defense technology revolution

Why Digital Is Flying High in Aerospace and Defense

3D Printing Is Changing the Way We Think

Hoeganaes Corporation introduces metal powders for Additive Manufacturing

Metal foams could provide lightweight radiation shielding

Laser Sintering System Processes Range of Metals

Arcam reports 136% increase in sales

Making machine tool drills using additive manufacturing

Automatic Support Generation by netfabb Improves Industrial AM Metal Parts

Week of July 12

Serial production of titanium suppressors at Norway's Tronrud Engineering

Borealis Project to Combine 5 3D Printing Processes in 1 Metal 3D Printer

Navy goes all-in on 3D printing technology

Renishaw AM250 additive manufacturing system

Print the Fleet

Aerospace & Defense 3D Printing Firm Launched with $10 Million from Neff Capital

New Details Emerge on Aurora Labs' Sub-$40K & New "One Tonne" Metal 3D Printers

The Skylon Spaceplane's 3D Printed Injector

Industrial 3D (Metal) Printing System to Launch

Metal Additive Manufacturing to Get New Look from ONR, Industry and Academia

Know Your Rapid Manufacturing Metals

Materialise and Xi'An Bright Laser Technologies Release Version 1.0 of the BLT Build Processor

Aero Kinetics Joins with SLM Solutions to Bring 3D Metal Printing to Commercial Unmanned Aircraft

Raytheon now able to 3D print nearly every component of guided missile system

America Makes' Round of 3D Printing Projects Includes Electronics Printing & More

Autodesk Launches New Generative Design Tool for Optimizing Additive Manufacturing

Pratt & Whitney Sees Bright Future In Additive Manufacturing

Week of July 12

Serial production of titanium suppressors at Norway's Tronrud Engineering

Borealis Project to Combine 5 3D Printing Processes in 1 Metal 3D Printer

Navy goes all-in on 3D printing technology

Renishaw AM250 additive manufacturing system

Print the Fleet

Aerospace & Defense 3D Printing Firm Launched with $10 Million from Neff Capital

New Details Emerge on Aurora Labs' Sub-$40K & New "One Tonne" Metal 3D Printers

The Skylon Spaceplane's 3D Printed Injector

Industrial 3D (Metal) Printing System to Launch

Metal Additive Manufacturing to Get New Look from ONR, Industry and Academia

Know Your Rapid Manufacturing Metals

Materialise and Xi'An Bright Laser Technologies Release Version 1.0 of the BLT Build Processor

Aero Kinetics Joins with SLM Solutions to Bring 3D Metal Printing to Commercial Unmanned Aircraft

Raytheon now able to 3D print nearly every component of guided missile system

America Makes' Round of 3D Printing Projects Includes Electronics Printing & More

Autodesk Launches New Generative Design Tool for Optimizing Additive Manufacturing

Pratt & Whitney Sees Bright Future In Additive Manufacturing

Week of June 21

Non-destructive surface testing of additive manufactured components at Toolcraft

UK 3D-printing industry to get £14.7m investment windfall

UK government invests £100m into developing 3D printing in aerospace technologies

NASA & Aerojet Rocketdyne Use 3D Printing to Expedite Independence from Russia

MTC'S National Additive Centre and Aerospace Research Centre opened

Titanium Coined 'Space-Age Metal' for its Use in Aerospace

How 3D printing could change the world forever

The Limits of 3D Printing

3D Printing Is About To Change The World Forever

Industrial 3D printing takes off

3D Printing And The New Economics Of Manufacturing

Aero Kinetics Joins with SLM Solutions to Bring 3D Metal Printing to Commercial Unmanned Aircraft

World's first hybrid grinding and additive manufacturing machine unveiled

Melbourne's metal 3D printing capabilities world class: expert

It's not just hype – 3D printing is the bridge to the future

Terry Wohlers Reports on the State of Additive Manufacturing at Inside 3D Printing Seoul

Additive manufacturing takes conformal cooling to new heights

3D printing set to transform US manufacturing, aerospace industries

Statistics education, evidence-based data analysis practices needed to fight reproducibility crisis in science

Week of June 14

Congressmen Announce $10M in Funding for Additive Manufacturing Innovation Research Program At Wright Patterson AFB

Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Metal Powders Industry: A 10-Year Market Forecast

The MX3D Bridge in Amsterdam is the first large-scale metal additive manufacturing project

Progress on technology for 3D printing of tooling and components

Time For a Breakthrough in 3D Metal Printing?

3D Printing With Metals Achieved

Fraunhofer ILT named partner of the "Innovative Manufacturing CRC" in Melbourne

University of Nottingham unveils new 3D printing research lab

GE Aviation readies first 3-D printed jet engine nozzle at Alabama plant

Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering projects top 10 list for 3D printed metal applications

Hot firing of world's first 3D-printed platinum thruster chamber

Aerospace Breaks Through Barriers to 3-D Printing Benefits

ATI to Expand Nickel-Based Superalloy Powder Capabilities

Government and Industrial Initiatives on 3D Printing Technology

New York Energy Week: Fusion Energy Sooner and Cheaper?

The Use of Microscopy in Additive Manufacturing

Week of June 7

Inside the Top Secret Plan to Revive U.S. Manufacturing

Bumper performance by Renishaw

American Standard Releases First Ever Metal 3D Printed Faucets — And They Are Amazing

U.S. Air Force RFP Aimed at Ending Reliance on Russian Rocket Engine

H.C. Starck Expands Additive Manufacturing Business

Grow Secure Allows Confidence & Security for Both Industrial 3D Designers & Manufacturers

Preparations Begun on Mass Metal 3D Printing of Airbus Engine Parts

Metal 3-D Printers May Revolutionize Industry

UL invests in 3DSIM to advance simulation technology for additive manufacturing

3D printing breakthrough creates tiny metal structures

Carnegie Mellon experts have projected the top 10 things to be 3-D printed out of metal

Week of May 31

Fonon's 3D Additive Manufacturing Systems Eliminate Product Variations Associated with Galvo Scan Heads

DARPA to develop best practices for 3D printing

DARPA Program Seeks to Address Variability in Additive Manufacturing Processes; Mick Maher Comments

Regulating the Innovative World of 3D Printing

Panel Discusses Promise and Challenges of Both Additive and Hybrid Machines

Advanced manufacturing emphasized in US FY2016 budget request

Fonon Corporation's 3D FUSION™ Metal Printing Technology

3D Systems to additively manufacture heat exchangers for US Air Force

Fraunhofer ILT to Showcase Laser Technologies for Lightweight Construction at LASER World of Photonics

3D printing revolution set to challenge EU policymakers

7 Key Improvements 3D Printing Brings to the Aerospace Industry

Interview with Terry Wohlers: the Past & Future of 3D Printing


After Aluminum Car Bodies Can Jet Engines Help Turn Alcoa Around?

EBM® Electron Beam Melting – in the forefront of Additive Manufacturing

Direct Metal Printing (DMP)

Background to Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing processes

European Additive Manufacturing Group (EAMG)

By 2020, probably 25% of the parts inside a GE engine are going to be done additive manufacturing

Alcoa investing $22M at Whitehall facility

Preview: International Conference on Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

Lockheed Martin's VP for space: 'I've challenged my team to 3D print a satellite

Designing for the DMLS Process

PyroGenesis announces shipping of the first of ten metal powder production systems for Additive Manufacturing to Asia

Metalysis and LPW form AM partnership

Week of May 25

Sigma Labs' In-Process Technology to Overcome Barriers in Metal 3D Printing

3D Printing and Material Science

Metal 3D Printing Startup MatterFab Raises $5.75 Million From GE Ventures

PyroGenesis To Ship First of Ten Metal 3D Printing (Powder) Production Systems

Additive manufacturing goes mainstream

Turning the Common Lock Key Inside Out – UrbanAlps Launches Additively Manufactured Stealth Key

Wire-Feed Additive Manufacturing Holds Great Potential for 3D Printing

Week of May 17

Additive Industries' new 3D printing system: MetalFAB1

Fonon Corporation Announces FUSION Technology as the Company Officially Enters the 3D Metal Printing System Market

3D Systems to Create Aerospace Gears for U.S. Air Force

3D Systems Working with Navy to Evaluate & Fulfill Strategic 3D Printing Initiatives

Week of May 10

Fabrisonic Hybrid Metal 3D Printing

NIST, NSF to set manufacturing research priorities

Arcam: AP&C Completes Third Atomization Reactor

3D Printing: Prepare Now for Data Onslaught

Carnegie Mellon is one of only three academic institutions that has both types of these 3D metal printing capabilities


GE's first 3D-printed parts take flight

Sciaky, Inc. Launches New Website and Unveils Expanded Lineup of New EBAM Metal 3D Printing Systems

Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Continues Rapid Expansion

A new cusing Multilaser Metal Additive Manufacturing System

UK National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Proposed Standard Will Support Interlaboratory Collaboration in Additive Manufacturing

Week of May 3

BMW 3D Prints 500th Water Pump Wheel for DTM Racing Car

PyroGenesis Canada Inc Plasma Atomization Process & Powders

NIST, NSF to set manufacturing research priorities

Will 3D Printing Make Obsolescence Obsolete?

Vulcan & Atlas V Rockets Will Fly on 3D-Printed Parts

Improving the Material Properties of Additive Manufactured Metals Using EBSD

Metalysis produces commercial-scale tantalum powder

The Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology has successfully developed a multi-laser metal 3D printer, enabling astronauts to print items with just one 3D printer in space

Sigma Labs Announces PrintRite3D(R) System Sale

Hype, reality and potential: metal additive manufacturing in Australia

UTEP named first Satellite Center for America Makes

What Big Companies Get Wrong About Innovation Metrics

Digital Era Strategy: Thinking Beyond Disruption

High-Strength Aluminum Powder for High-Tech Components

GE Engineers 3D Printed a Jet Engine, Then Started it Up

Maintenance Company to Begin Using 3D Printed Metal Parts on Commercial Aircraft

3D printing could be tapped by oil sector next

Week of April 26

NASA to Evaluate and Standardize AM Parts with Innovative NDE Methods

UK Police Note Potential for 3D Printing Uses in Terrorist Activity

Spatter and oxidation reactions during SLM

Non destructive testing of Additively Manufactured components: challenges ahead

Lockheed Martin Hopes to 3D Print Titanium Spacecraft Fuel Tanks In-House

Understanding Material Nuances from Metal 3D Printing

Navy Innovators Explore Fleet Applications of 3D Printing

Students to Make History with 3D Printed Rocket Engine

Week of April 19

New AM System Aimed at Production

Partners Target Quality Control in Metal-Based AM

Infocast Announces the Metal Additive Tutorial this June

Air Force Optimistic About 3D Printing Capabilities For Satellites


Israeli Developers Look to Print 3D Titanium Airplane Parts by End of 2015

First 3D-printed copper rocket engine part is here

Israeli Government & Aerospace Business Consortium Target 3D Printing Titanium Components

NIST Report Analyzes Measurement Needs for Powder Metal 3D Printing

New Practice for Metal Powder Bed Fusion to Meet Rigid Quality Requirements

New Technology for 3D Printing – New Consortium Leading the Way

Week of April 12

3D Printed Metal Pricing Analysis

Materialise Additive Manufactured Parts Ready to Fly Following Certification...

Report Charts a Research Path for Improving 'Printed' Metal Parts

GKN : Aerospace commences collaborative research to create additive material for aerospace

GE Aviation's first 3D part takes off on a GE90 engine

2014 SFF Symposium

3-D Printing Parts and Explosive May Reshape Fleet, Ship's Manning

NAVAIR Has Big Plans for Additive Manufacturing: flight-critical components, explosives & more

Sigma Labs Launches 3D Metal Printing Facility

CNC and Additive are a Winning Combination

General Electric selects Findlay site and name

Lockheed Leaning on 3-D Printing To Bring Tank Work In-house

Week of April 5

Senvol Database of 350+ Industrial 3D Printers Updated to Include Pricing & More

Materialise and Renishaw join forces to improve AM250

Wohlers Associates Publishes 20th Anniversary Edition of Its 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Industry Report

Aerojet Rocketdyne tests AM space engine parts

Introducing Lucy Ackland, winner of the 2014 Women's Engineering Society (WES) Award

UK nuclear industry investigates PM techniques

Software Is Using Biomimicry to Optimize Part Design

Global 3D aerospace printing market saw Boeing first produce AM parts for in-service aircraft

EOS and Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI) Inaugurate Centre for Additive Manufacturing in Hyderabad on April 9

Manufacturer of metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems relocates to new site

SLM Solutions opens 3D printing application and demo centre in Lübeck

Breaking Defense: additive manufacturing

Week of March 29

Manufacturing Revolution May Mean Trouble for National Security

Boeing reduces lead time and saves money by 3d printing aircraft parts

European funding for nuclear manufacturing research

Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials

LAM 2015 Focuses on AM & the 3D Printing Revolution

Additive Manufacturing: Does the future belong to 3D printing?

Nano-Scale Steel Powders Upgrade Additive Manufacturing Parts

6 Things You Might Not Know about Making Metal Parts through Additive Manufacturing

Selective Laser Melting of Ti6Al4V: towards superior mechanical properties

Economic aspects of Additive Manufacturing

X-ray technology can validate the internal geometry of additively-manufactured parts in 3D without destroying the part

Air Products' New Website Supports Emerging 3D Metal Printing Market

Pratt & Whitney to Deliver First Entry Into Service Engine Parts Using Additive Manufacturing

+Mfg Metal 3D Printer Unveiled at Automate 2015

UK research hub to investigate advanced alloy

Week of March 22

LPW POWDERSOLVE set to launch on US market at RAPID 2015

A Look at Metal 3D Printing and the Medical Implants Industry

Airbus 3D Printed Components to Launch on Next UK Satellite

3D printing: the implications for IP

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai Visits EOS, Market-leading Additive Manufacturing Solution Provider, with a High-ranking Delegation

UL Tackles 3D Printing Safety, Quality Concerns

Week of March 15

Aerojet Rocketdyne Hot-Fire Tests Additive Manufactured Components for the AR1 Engine to Maintain 2019 Delivery

Sigma Labs Introduces the Future of Manufacturing

Immelt: GE a new company

Majority of Manufacturers Plan to Invest in New Technologies

FoFAM project takes 3D printing to the factory floor

+Mfg Unveils New +1000k 3D Printer — Prints With Multiple Metals In a Single Run

Airbus : Defence and Space optimising components using 3D printing for new Eurostar E3000 satellite platforms

The First 3D Printed Satellite?

Week of March 8

Week of March 8

ESA to develop metal additive manufacturing processes

Concept Laser sales rise by 75%

3D Printing Titanium & the Bin of Broken Dreams (Part 1)

3D Printing Titanium & the Bin of Broken Dreams (Part 2)

3D Printing Titanium & the Bin of Broken Dreams (Part 3)

Materialise to offer 3D printed Al-alloy objects

Will Additive Manufacturing Play a Major Role in Aircraft Production?

Canadian Advanced Digital Manufacturing Hub

LLNL and GE Receive Funding to Develop Algorithms for Additive Manufacturing

Week of March 1

GE's New Indian Facility Demonstrates that Manufacturing Will Be Flexible Before It Is Distributed

China to bolster 3D printing industry

H.C. Starck provides high-alloyed metal powder solutions for the specific requirements of all additive manufacturing processes

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Concept Laser: Strong Outlook for Additive Manufacturing

Germany Opens Photonic Production Research Campus

LPW expands team to drive additive manufacturing product strategy

Alliance in the Skies: AM at Pratt & Whitney

Additive Manufacturing Initiatives at Sandia National Laboratories

Chinese government unveils 'National Plan' for development of 3D printing industry

Defense, War & Terrorism: How Will the 3D Printing Revolution Change Everything?

NanoSteel Expands Material Capabilities for Additive Manufacturing

AMUG Conference to Feature 200+ Presentations

GE Starts Ground Testing of CMC Parts on GE9X

The Future of Making Things: How Industrial 3D Printing Will Transform Business And Save Money

Altair OptiStruct Adds Support for Lattice Structures for 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing is one of the top technologies that will have the most disruptive impact on business in the next three years

Apollo Cardiff Discusses 3D Printing in Manufacturing

GE Aviation's Morris recognized again for 3-D manufacturing work

GE's bestselling jet engine makes 3-D printing a core component

GE Turns to Hybrid 3D Printing Tech for Oil and Gas in Japan

CeramicSpeed releases the first ever 3D-printed hollow Titanium Pulley Wheels

Week of February 22

GE Aviation invests millions in new jet engine

Golf Equipment Manufacturer Ping Introduces Golf's First 3D-Printed (Metal) Putter

Generation of Optimal Support Structure in Additive Manufacturing

Laser metal deposition five axis 3d printing for aerospace appliances by Merlin Project

ITA calls for papers for TITANIUM USA 2015

Monash University 3D Prints Two Entire Metal Jet Engines

GE Oil & Gas Now 3D Printing End-Use Control Valve Parts in Japan

Design: optimising supports for complex components

Powder recyclability in Selective Laser Melting and Electron Beam Melting

Limiting residual stresses during fabrication of metal components by SLM

Week of February 15

The new science of additive manufacturing

DMLS: Engineering Metal Layer by Layer

Writing a 3D printing roadmap for Force 2025

Print My Plane: 3D Technology Catches Up

Most likely use cases of additive manufacturing in the digital factory of the future

Additive Manufacturing Creates Tremendous Opportunities, as well as Risks

Granta Design Announces New Solution For Additive Manufacturing Data

How 3D printing puts manufacturers at risk of cybertheft

Optomec reports 80% growth for sales of industrial 3D printing systems

Open Letter from Renishaw CEO Warns of UK Skills Gap

Maintaining security through the entire supply chain

27% of aerospace suppliers are using additive manufacturing

3D printed nickel structure is a 1.5m-diameter and 0.5m-thick

Hermle introduces hybrid 5-axis additive manufacturing machine

Rolls-Royce to Fly Largest 3D Printed Part Ever Flown

LPW Technology to boost 3D printing in China

Sino-German Symposium on Laser Additive Manufacturing

3D Printers Expand Beyond Prototyping To Transform Manufacturing

The politics of creating a 3D printing encryption app

Senvol brings additive manufacturing community together

Week of February 8

It's Time to Open Materials Science Data - White House

Once researchers understand the fine, molecular-scale physics of how lasers and electron beams interact with powders, he says, "that will lead to the ability to put in finer and finer features, and faster and faster deposition rates."

2015 will see the rapid rise of metallic printing

Zecotek Launches New Metal 3D Printing Powder Production Method

Additive Manufacturing - MS&T15: Materials Science & Technology 2015

'3-D printed' engine parts

Additive Manufacturing Is Reshaping Aviation

Creating the UK Additive Manufacturing Strategy

Japan gets serious about 3D printing using titanium

Substrate success for 3D printed metal parts

Hybrid: 3-D Printing's Next New Hope

Air Force Research Lab Invests in 3D Printing Technology Development

"Emerging Threats and Technologies to Protect the Homeland"

America Makes Awards $3M in Funding-GE and LLNL

3D Printing Expected to Go Beyond Market Predictions Across Multiple Industries

Week of February 1

Renishaw interim report: 36% revenue increase

Zecotek Announces Breakthrough Manufacturing Technology for Metal Powders used with 3D Printers

Metal Additive Manufacturing: A new magazine for the 3D printing of metals

Standards and efficiency stifle innovation

SECNAV Establishes Task Force

Arcam reports 70% boost in 3D printer sales

LPW Technology Continues to Excel in Metal Powder Production for 3D Printing with New Certifications

Week of February 1

Renishaw interim report: 36% revenue increase

Zecotek Announces Breakthrough Manufacturing Technology for Metal Powders used with 3D Printers

Metal Additive Manufacturing: A new magazine for the 3D printing of metals

Standards and efficiency stifle innovation

SECNAV Establishes Task Force

Arcam reports 70% boost in 3D printer sales

LPW Technology Continues to Excel in Metal Powder Production for 3D Printing with New Certifications

Week of January 25

Sigma Labs Teams With America Makes For Innovating 3D Metal Printing In Aviation

Renishaw 3D metal printing engineer wins women's engineering prize

Additive's Idiosyncrasies

SLM 3D printing machine orders double

Non-intrusive instrumentation and estimation -Applications for control of an additive manufacturing process

Arcam receives order for an EBM system from Chinese institute

H.C. Starck Extends its Boundaries with Additive Manufacturing using Refractory Metals

Scanning patterns in SLM

Microstructure in metal components built using SLM

SLM workflow and build preparation steps for metal components

Week of January 18

3D Printing News: Exclusive Interview With Arcam's CEO

Research at Trinity to blaze a trail into 3D printing of metal components

EOS and MTU: Strategic Partnership for Quality Control in Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing

Week of January 11

Turbomeca introduces additive manufacturing capability
for engine components

Increasing importance of metal laser melting

Sandvik Pushes 3-D Printing to Create Fuel Tubes, Drilling Gear

Linear Mold & Engineering now has accumulated 11 such machines

Week of January 4

Manufacturing is the home of most of the R&D in the U.S.

Arcam delivers 42 EBM systems in 2014

SLM delivers 53 machines in 2014

Five materials science wonders to watch in 2015

Experts see revolutionary changes to war with 3D printing

Top 10 Benefits of 3D Printing | Salient Technologies

BLT of Xi'an builds revolutionary metal 3D printing business

Industry Roundtable: Analysis & Simulation Software

Additive manufacturing: Metal vs. composites

Chinese Navy installs 3D printers on warships

3D Printing Impacts Metals-Joint Industry Project To Standardize

Week of December 14

Budget Includes $10M for 3-D Defense Project

High demand for additive manufacturing technology reported by SLM Solutions

Additive Manufacturing / What / Avio Aero

Aerojet Rocketdyne's Titanium 3D Printed Satellite Propulsion System Almost Ready For Space

Sigma Labs and Additive Industries Want to Make Metal 3D Printing Better

Adoption of 3D Printing Grows, but Hurdles Remain

Making cycling safer with HPC and 3D printing

America Makes announces five awardees of Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) funded projects

The INTEGREX i-400 AM (additive manufacturing) HYBRID multi-tasking machine

Defence experts meet to discuss implications of Additive Manufacturing

Week of December 7

UK focus on 3D printing safety

China produces first space-based 3D printing machine

Metal 3D Printing: Current Technology Competence

3D Printed Aluminum Lattice Cube Weighs Just 3.9g & Holds up to 900lbs (408kg) – Over 100,000 Times Its Weight!

Australian industry takes its next step into metal-based additive manufacturing

Week of November 30

Regulatory concerns hold back 3D printing on safety

5 Potential Future Applications of 3D Printing Within the Aerospace Industry

Additive Manufacturing's November 2014 Digital Edition

Renishaw develops EVO Project machine for industrial additive manufacturing

The Differences Between SLM AND EBM Metal 3D Printers

EOS launches the EOS M 290 Metal System to succeed the established EOSINT M 280 System


AM requires certain investments in technology and a specific knowledge base, a new way of approaching design and manufacturing and also often entails new business models

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, will soon transform maintenance and repair

Software innovations: Simplifying the 3-D printing experience

Focus on Research: 3-D printing brings new dimension to manufacturing

EuroMold 2014: Year of The Metal 3D Printer

Höganäs 3D printing minutiae precision

'3-D printing' for metal component production

The world's first metal additive manufacturing conference is held in Vienna

EuroMold 2014: Selective Laser Melting Machine Design

Renishaw introduces EVO Project

ReaLizer launches new SLM additive manufacturing system

The increased forecast for the purchase of additive manufacturing machines in 2015

Joint Industry Project to Advance Additive Manufacturing

Metal AM controlled at the voxel level (tralslation)

A renaissance in metals

The future of 3D printing

Week of November 16

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced a push for ... additive manufacturing to ensure continued U.S. military dominance

Introduction of the EOS M 400 allows larger DMLS parts

Cardiff University invests in 3D printing machine

Malvern releases guidance on automated imaging for agglomerate detection

WIT's SEAM Launch 1.1 million euro Metal 3D Printing Programme

Additive manufacturing, laser melting specialist Concept Laser establishes US office

The engine, called LEAP, flew with 19 fuel nozzles 3D-printed by a computer-guided laser from layers of metal powder

$9 million State-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing hub launched at Monash University

Week of November 9

3D Printing's New Materials, Part 2: Metal

How do you measure Innovation as a strategic objective?

3 Problems The 3D Printing Industry Must Overcome

2014 Hall of Fame Inductee: Carl Deckard

The Economics Of 3-D Printing: Opportunities

More than one-third of aerospace suppliers expect to start using additive manufacturing technology in the next five years

Cybaman to launch new hybrid AM machine at Euromold

GE Test Fires Mini 3D Printed Turbine Engine

3D Systems to Unveil New Metal, SLA, SLS 3D Printers at EuroMold

New report: 3D printing opportunities in the metal powder industry

GE Opens New Pennsylvania Facility to Increase Advanced (Additive) Manufacturing Training

LPW to bring two new products to EuroMold 2014

SLM: New machine design and exposure concept facilitates scalable productivity and building space

Additive Manufacturing Award Website Now Live

SLM Solutions expands to accommodate demand in U.S.

Materialise Build Processor Enables Users to Get the Most Out of SLM Solutions Metal 3D Printers

Alcoa's embrace of additive manufacturing allows it to turn ideas into reality faster

Additive manufacturing will be "ubiquitous" in defence within a decade, survey indicates

Metal Powder Shipments for Additive Manufacturing to Reach $520 Million by 2019

WIT launches €1.1m metal 3D laser printing programme

Protective cover for passenger jets

Week of November 2

3D Printing's New Materials, Part 2: Metal

Stage set in Vienna for the Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference 2014

Alcoa moves into 3-D printing for part manufacturing

Research and Markets: Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Metal Powders Industry: A 10-Year Market Forecast

Sigma Labs Awarded Phase II DARPA Contract with Honeywell Aerospace for Metal 3D Printing Technologies

Cardiff University adopts 3D metal printing

Video: Miniature Jet Engine Made through Additive Manufacturing

CVMR and AREVA Announce an Alliance for Metal Powder Production and Refining Facilities

NASA's Most Complex 3D-Printed Rocket Part Yet Passes Test (Video)

Week of October 26

3D Printed LEAP Engines Successfully Take to the Sky

Shock & Awe: Inside 3D Printing Conf. in Santa Clara Provides Incredible Insight, News, Rumors & More

348 metal 3D printers were sold in 2013, representing an increase of 75.8% over 2012 activity

President Obama Announces Plan to Strengthen U.S. Manufacturing

RUAG Is Printing Satellite Components for Space Program

Renishaw gets certification for laser melting machine

Autodesk creates $100m fund to spark 3D print innovation

Weld3D Puts Low-Cost Pedal to 3D Printing Metal

3-D printing incorporates quasicrystals for stronger manufacturing products

3D Printing Stocks: Why Expertise Could Become More Important Than Products

Week of October 19

Navy Beefs Up 3D Printing Efforts with New 'Print the Fleet' Program

Additive manufacturing market has one-third represented by final-product parts production

Aerojet Rocketdyne Successfully Tests Thrust Chamber Assembly Using Copper Alloy Additive Manufacturing Technology

Sigma Labs Launches Commercial Activities for 3D Printed Parts


3d printing sales more than double

Enterprise Ireland awards €1.1 million to research Metal AM

Materials Science Will Drive the Future

3T produces Pure Copper Heat Exchanger using metal 3D Printing

Engineer Awarded Grant to Study Metal Powder Behavior in 3-D Printing

Metallic Laser Printing Tested To Fabricate Structural Nodes

Testing a MAG Welder Based Metal 3D Printer

Week of October 12

You Don't Want to Miss the 2nd Annual AM for Government 2014 Conference

America Makes Adds Leading Labs as Members

Local manufacturer nationally recognized for 3-D printing advances

Time for affordable metal 3D printing?

GE's New Cutting Edge Technology Requires No Cutting

ORNL's EBM Discovery 'Potentially the Most Important Development in Metal Additive Manufacturing' to Date


JPL first to use gradient alloys in 3-D printing, scientists say

Week of October 5

The Unassuming King of 3-D Printing

The Future of Europe is Science

3D printing turns strategic in 2015, says Gartner

Building the future: 3-D printing promises to transform manufacturing industry

New Design Optimization Possibilities with Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing: The Laser Source Is Critical

Chinese Scientists Use New Liquid Phase 3D Metal Printing Method To Print Quickly and Reliably

Week of September 28

America Makes brings in hundreds for event

TCT Conference 2014, Birmingham: Eos Highlights a Variety of Additive Manufacturing (Am) Success Stories for Multiple Industry Applications

BEST OF TED: What's Next in 3D Printing

Lux Research: China looks to be a leader in 3D printing

Renishaw engineer shortlisted for Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards

The Defense Industry Is Expanding the Use of 3D Printing

China aims to speed up 3D printing development

Titanium 3D printing a winner for Australian bike manufacturer

3D Printing Pros and Cons: Arcam AB ORD

Lockheed's Steve Betza: Public-Private Partnerships Key to Manufacturing Innovation

Why Aviation Companies Are Finding Promise in 3D Printing

China Aims to Speed Up 3D Printing Development

The Defense Industry Is Expanding the Use of 3D Printing

Week of September 21

Pitt engineers receive grants to enhance additive manufacturing

New company will deliver 'purer' titanium powder

Innovation On All Fronts For Concept Laser's Next Phase in LaserCUSING Development

CME Launches Canada Makes: Canada's Premier Additive Manufacturing Network

NanoSteel Demonstrates Breakthrough in Additive-Manufactured Wear Materials

ANALYSIS: Morris explains how GE came to embrace 3D printing

GE Aviation to research 3-D manufacturing in West Chester

High-speed measurement technology is helping to integrate 3D printing into mainstream manufacturing

Week of September 14

GE Aviation Steps Up 3D-Printed Engine Parts

3D Printing, Now With More Jet Engine Parts

America Makes Two Years Later

Energy Secretary Moniz Showcases National Laboratories on the Hill

RTI to supply alloy for LEAP engine

Inside 3D Printing is returning to California

Renishaw introduces 3D printer upgrade

Process monitoring in laser additive manufacturing

New industrial 3D printer for 3D printing jewelry

SLS technology promises to change metal part manufacturing forever

Week of September 7

Airbus Defence and Space Cuts Production Time for Satellite Parts with Additive Manufacturing

The Aerospace Industry Is Betting Big On 3D Printing Technology

Europe invests in metallurgy

Europe's new age of metals begins

Feasibility and capability of using Additive Manufacturing processes to produce a lightweight actuation solution

3D metal sintering technology

Report: Demand for 3D Printing Jobs Soars

Webcast: Advances in Metal Additive Manufacturing -- the Development and Applications of Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication

EU-funded scientists are developing a high-power electron beam gun and associated process control technology

Autodesk Explores the Future of Material Science

EOS Joins Commonwealth Centre for Additive Manufacturing

"3D printing will reach a tipping point over the next three years" – Gartner


International Additive Manufacturing Award

Week of August 31

This Could Be The Most Underrated Benefit Of 3D-Printing

Inside3DP Exclusive Interview with Terry Wohlers

Tungsten Checks In: Smit Röntgen Unveils 3D Tungsten Printing Technology

Croft Additive Manufacturing Introduces Straightliner Filter

3D Systems Acquires LayerWise, Extending Its Global Leadership in Advanced Metal 3D Printing, On-Demand Parts Manufacturing Services and Personalized Medical Devices

12 Certainties That Will Transform Careers: (One is Additive Manufacturing)

Metal Additive Manufacturing for Parts up to 7 Feet Tall

Week of August 24

Linear Mold adding up 32 more metal systems over the next few years, to the 9 already in place

U of Nottingham Researcher Wins Prestigous 3D Printing Award

The 'next frontier' for 3D printing and additive manufacturing

Death by 3D Printing: How Militaries around the World are Discovering the Technology

New Phase IV of Material Data Management Consortium Focuses on Impact in Material and Product R&D

3D printing technology raises important legal questions

Concept Laser Confirms Above 40% Growth and Receives Bavarian Award

Simulations and virtual processes will create an environment of ultra-connected, intelligent systems

3D Systems' Digital Thread Enhances U.S. Marine Corps Combat and Logistic Units' Toolkit

Europe is making steady gains on using HPC for manufacturing

Linear Mold & Engineering adds two 3D metal printers

Pacific Crest: Metal 3D Printing Offers High Growth

Lasers for Manufacturing Summit: The concepts and contacts you need to use lasers profitably

SLM Solutions doubles new order intake to 27 machines

NASA tests 3D printed rocket engine component

Fonon Announces 3D Metal Sintering Technology: Emerging Additive Nano Powder Manufacturing Technology

Watch NASA's 3D-printed rocket part survive a 6,000 degree test-firing

Week of August 17

Manufacturing aerospace components with Laser-Based 3D Printing

3D Printing Takes Flight in Aerospace & Defense

This Electron Gun Builds Jet Engines

Aerojet Rocketdyne To Develop Large Scale Additive Manufacturing

EOS Highlights 3D Printing Success Stories at the International Manufacturing Technology Show

SpaceX Reveals 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Parts

Metal 3D Printers to Become Much Cheaper Now That Patents Are Expiring

Electron beam additive manufacturing process breakthrough for titanium aluminide turbine blades

Week of August 10

10 Questions Companies Should Ask Before Buying an Industrial 3D Printer

3D Printed, Mass Produced Parts To Give GE's New Jet Engines an Extra Boost

DARPA's Open Manufacturing to Fully Unravel Potential of Metal 3D Printing

The Age of 3D Metal Printing

Concept Laser to boost capacity as sales rise 100%

Concept Laser reports increased orders

Have Technology Advances Made Nondestructive Testing More Complex?

New York Times: Will 3-D Printing Change the World?: Five experts debate

3D printing makes its move into production

The Pioneers of 3D Printing, an Industry Invented at UT in Austin

Dundas company investing $11.5m in 3D printing

Ultrasonic 3D Printing Helps Embed Electronics in Metal

How to insure a design is 3D printable

Transatlantic Approaches to Supporting Manufacturing

Which U.S. Agencies Are First to Open 3D Printables Sites?

Week of August 3

To innovate: Dreamers trump 'experts'

3D printing: Time for the CIO to build a business case?

3D Printing: Building the Future

MetalTree Industries Teases Big Delta 3D Printer to Debut at Sydney Maker Faire

EOS bid for 3D printing process monitoring

More than half of manufacturers are increasing expenditure on software and technology to keep up with competitors

Sciaky Makes First Official Sale of Giant Metal 3D Printer

GE Considers 3D Printing Turbine Blades for Next Generation Boeing 777X's GE9X Engines

Lockheed Martin plans to continue transformation through sizable investments in additive manufacturing

5 Key Conditions for Using 3D Printing

Week of July 27

Powder Testing to Improve Product Quality and Manufacturing Efficiency: An Interview with Jamie Clayton

EOS GmbH: 25th Anniversary, Move Into New Technology and Customer Centre at Krailling Headquarters

3D Printing Titanium Bicycles: The mainstreaming of additive manufacturing in bicycle production

3D Search To Track And Protect 3D Content

Concept Laser announces new USA subsidiary

3D Printing Gradient Alloy Spacecraft Parts

Manufacturing Breakthrough Allows for 3D Printing of Several Different Metals Within One Print

The MERLIN project will aim to reduce the environmental impact of air transport using Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques in the manufacture of civil aero engines

PM Additive manufacturing steals the MACH show

Terry Wohlers gave the keynote address at Gig Tank's Demo Day Tuesday morning

U.S. Army Could Use 3-D Printers to Design Warheads of the Future

5 Big Companies Seriously Investing In 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing Of C-103, A Niobium-Based Alloy, Taking Shape At MTI

Concept Laser Is Building the Future Now in a New (Huge) Assembly Facility

3D printing funds needed to revive manufacturing in Australia

Additive Manufacturing Production Application Initiative 2014

3D opportunity for production: Additive manufacturing makes its (business) case

Speakers at the Upcoming Additive Manufacturing Workshop

The Real Revolution In 3D Printing

SpaceX Has Been Secretly 3D Printing Part of Its Rocket

Week of July 20

3D Printed Metal Racing Part Hits the Road

Market for metal-based 3D printing systems to grow in the ballpark of 30-40 per cent annually

MatterFab Reveals Their Affordable Metal 3D Printer, 'An Order of Magnitude Cheaper'

Arcam Is Leading the Charge as Metal-Based AM Enters New Growth Phase

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries turns to 3D printers for rocket parts

VDK6000, Incredible 6-axis Metal 3D Printer, Milling Machine, Laser Scanner Unveiled

New standard covers metal powders for 3D printing

New Concept Laser production facility topped out

New Lightweight Metals Institute to Base Headquarters in Detroit

GKN Aerospace to lead $23M research collaboration in additive manufacturing; up to 50% reduction in component weight

GE Aviation, Lockheed & Optomec Star in Metal 3D Printing Project

After acquiring its initial 80% stake in July, 3D says it intends to make a takeover bid to acquire the remaining 20% of Phenix shares

Siemens Metal AM

Week of July 13

A Review: Nottingham International Conference on AM & 3D Printing 2014

Simulation software can make it possible for companies to test new products in a computer-generated environment

GE announces Auburn, AL as site for $50 million cutting-edge 3D printing operation

CHGT: 3D Printing Continues Exponential Growth Trajectory

South Korea to create 10-yr roadmap for 3D printing

5 Things to Know About Navy 3D Printing

Properties of Metal Powders Used for Additive Manufacturing to Be Described in Proposed ASTM Standard

Aerospace industry wins £154m for research into 3D printing

British Government Earmarks £49 Million for Research on 3D Printed Aerospace Technology

3-D printed metals may transform Army logistics

3D opportunity: The course on additive manufacturing for business leaders

3D printing to transform aerospace manufacturing

Boeing and Lotus Join Forces to Advance AM Processes and Materials

EOS Celebrates 25 Years of Industrial 3D Printers with New Facitlities

AIRSHOW-Aerospace firms place long-term bets on 3D printing

3D Systems Announces Latest Webinar on Direct Metal Printing

Week of July 6

Sigma Labs enters new phase of 3D printing

From engines and new fuels to connectivity, Airbus pushing innovation envelope

Aerospace Company Airbus Defence and Space Uses Additive Manufacturing for the Production of Satellite Parts

Matching the 3-D Printing Promise with Machining Precision

3D Printing Interview With 3D Printing Company, Materialise

Herbert Hermens TEDx Talk on 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing Expert Dr. Ingomar Kelbassa will Focus on the Realities of 3D Printing in His LME Keynote Address

3D printing starts to add up for GE Aviation

Sciaky's Innovative Additive Manufacturing Systems Available to the Market Starting September 2014

America Makes remains on nation's radar

US$12.5 million 3D printing contract

Week of June 29

The Moore's Law of 3D Printing… Yes it Does Exist, And Could Have Staggering Implications

Need a special tool to fix your aircraft carrier? Print it

2014 GE Innovation Barometer Sees Disruption-Ready Mindset

Billions To Soon Be Invested In 3D Printing Research and Development

STEM Talent Needed to Employ Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Advance Innovation

These Four Countries are Emerging 3D Printing Giants

Director's Corner: Additive Manufacturing

SLM Solutions: New order intake in H1 2014 underpins positive expectations

The 1 Thing 3-D Printing Needs in Order to Cross the Chasm

Linear to add eight more direct metal laser melting (DMLM) machines

Week of June 22

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Research Group

Does 3D printing have the right stuff?

3D Printing with Stainless Steel

Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives: A National Imperative

China: Ministry to release plan for 3D printing

GE Global Technology Director: 3D printing is laying foundation for next industrial revolution

Luxexcel Develops 3D Printing Process for Reading Glasses

Aerojet Rocketdyne Successfully Tests Engine Made Entirely With Additive Manufacturing

Aerojet Rocketdyne 3D Prints An Entire Engine in Just Three Parts

EOS Helps Airbus Develop Satellite Technology

NanoSteel Introduces New Portfolio of Ferrous Powders for Wear Parts Traditionally Produced With Specialty and Hard Materials

3D printing call for papers

Airbus puts its faith in 3D printed parts

Tools Without Tooling: How Additive Manufacturing is Changing the Way We Make

Metal 3D Printing and Fusion Implants Are On the Royal Agenda

An introduction to metal Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

Week of June 15

Lockheed Martin's Love Story with 3D Printing Is Getting Serious

Report outlines 3D printing opportunities and disruptions

FBI Orders Stratasys Objet24 3D Printer To Help Fight Terrorism

New Center Aims to Push The Boundaries of 3D Printing

Arcam Launches a Nickel Base Superalloy Process for Additive Manufacturing with Arcam's EBM Systems

Save the Date for LIA's Lasers for Manufacturing Summit

Video: the 3D printed SuperDraco rocket thruster

13 Universities Investing Heavily in 3D Printing

3D Printed Metal Goes Big at RAPID 2014

Livermore Lab develops 3-D printing method for dense metal parts

A laser-based direct deposition system, one of several housed in Penn State's Center for Innovative Metal Processing by Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D)

Obama announces initiatives to spur manufacturing innovation

China catching up with US in 3-D sector

Sigma Labs, Inc. Acquires Latest Model 290 3D Metal Printer From Electro Optical Systems

CMU also will develop a new advanced manufacturing facility for research and development

Week of June 8

Sigma Labs, Inc. Has Engaged Oracle® Partner Adurant Technologies, LLC to Address Big Data Challenges in Additive Manufacturing of Metal Parts

Metal takes center stage at 3D printer conference

NIST Awards 19 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Planning Grants

The Key to Series Production: EOS Introduces a New System Generation for Metal Additive Manufacturing - EOS M 400

GE is Bringing Industrial AM to India

GE to Add New Advanced Manufacturing Works Facility Featuring Additive Manufacturing in South Carolina

RAPID 2014: Hybrid Manufacturing Steals the Show

Week of June 1

Understanding the 3-D Metal Printing Boom of 2013

VDI-Standard: VDI 3404 Additive manufacturing - Basics, definitions, processes

The Intersection of Laser Sintering and EDM

Announcing LAM 2015: A Workshop for the Next Era of Manufacturing

Nanyang Technological University launches $30 million 3-D printing research center

LayerWise wins GE 3D printing challenge

Plansee Develop Laser Melting Process for Refractory Metals

Laser AM workshop organised by US laser organisation

How Technology Is Transforming U.S. Manufacturing

Three Drivers of a U.S. Manufacturing Revival


Workshop on 3D printing at RWTH Aachen

Week of May 25

Manufacturing contemplates a 3-D printing revolution

A Dutch research institute is developing a 3D printing technology capable of producing technical metal parts directly from 3D CAD data

Our primary interest is in metallic additive manufacturing and within that space we developed a 2+1 strategy

SuperDraco Engine Test Complete For Dragon Launch Escape System

Wohlers: 67K 3D Printers Worldwide to Drive Metal and Final Product Manufacturing

3D print technology allows manufacture of metal products for industrial uses

New report on 3D printing available

How 3D Printing Is a Revolutionary Sustainable Innovation

Aachen center for 3d printing

New US subsidiary company for metal powders for additive manufacturing

Week of May 18

Is China Investing Enough In 3D Printing?

3DPI.TV – Concept Laser's Large Scale Metal 3D Printing

EOS launches M 290 metal 3D printer

Sales Of 3D Metal Printers Grew Over 75% In 2013

Additive manufacturing benefits for both production and repair underlined at Berlin Air Show

Book Review: Wohlers Report 2014

Canada to set 3D printing standards

How Lockheed Martin is Using 3D Printing to Save Money

Week of May 11

Not just for figurines: 3D printing saves companies big

Design of Optimized Additive Manufacturing Powders | QuesTek

LPW Technology presents new research on recycling AM powders

Marshall's 3-D printer uses metals to craft various parts

Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing now has an advanced 3-D metal printer

Market for 3D printing grew at a rate of 34.9%

NIST Funds Consortium for 3D Printing Materials $500,000

Week of May 4

New German Industrial 3D Printing Partnership

Trumpf re-enters metal Additive Manufacturing market with Sisma joint venture

Additive Manufacturing May 2014 Digital Edition

Week of April 27

3D printing hailed as future of manufacturing

Reinhart Poprawe: 3D printing reaches critical mass

3D printing/additive manufacturing market boom continues

How 3D Printing Can Transform Your Business

What goes into 3D printing jet engine parts

Optimised Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing From LPW Technology To be Presented at RAPID 2014

Agreement to market metal 3D to US academia

Metal additive manufacturing to gain ground in die and mould

Rapid.Tech 2014: Additive Manufacturing in Aviation

Week of April 20

We are very behind Germany in additive manufacturing

Diginova - A digital Roadmap

Who's Who in Industrial 3-D Printing

Ten ways 3D printing could change space

GE's 3D Printing Production Quest


3D Printing will cut costs and jobs, says BCS

Week of April 6

GE discusses how '3D printing will transform industries'

Vienna University of Technology:a new sintering method for the production of metal components will be presented

Arcam receives order from customer in China

PyroGenesis in metal powder system agreement

3D printing market to grow to US$16.2 billion in 2018

The Key to Series Production: EOS Introduces a New System Generation for Metal Additive Manufacturing - EOS M 400

Todd Grimm on 3D Printing's Future

"We believe the market for metal-based 3D printing is at an inflection point, with the technology being ready for industrial serial production."

Navy Ponders Utility of Bringing 3D Printers Aboard Ships

Concept Laser: Metal laser melting is changing the future of manufacturing

Pratt & Whitney Predicts Additive Manufacturing In Every Shop

Terry Wohlers Predictions at Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo

3DPI.TV – 3D Printing Industry Veteran Terry Wohlers Interview

Laser additive manufacturing: separating fact from fiction

Week of March 30

Freeman Technology presents new powder characterisation tech for AM

Testing 3D Printing's Ability to Produce Complex Aerodynamic Geometries

Japan gets serious about 3D printing using titanium

Metal-Plastic Voxel 3D Printing Pursued by Arizona State University

Stratasys To Buy Two Privately Held, Additive Manufacturing Service Providers

Engine OEMs Accelerate Additive Manufacturing

Week of March 23

Sigma Labs, Inc. Announces Patent Filing Of Unique Sensor Invention That Helps Both Process Development And Quality Assurance In Additive Manufacturing Of Metal Components

Arcam sees 43% rise in sales

Airbus: 3D Printing Final Airplane Parts

3D printing: helping to shape the future of gas turbines

Lockheed Martin Opens State-of-the-Art R&D Tech Centre in Palo Alto

Chinese aviation industry develops 3D printing

LAM 2014: Record attendance and additive manufacturing news that resonates

New research identifies metal powders that are conducive to successful performance in additive manufacturing process

Week of March 16

Airbus strengthens R&T cooperation with China

Recent hearing on 3D Printing held by the Committee on Small Businesses

Small brackets manufactured in one day for A350 XWB

Additive manufacturing to play big role in factory of the future

Cooksongold of the Heimerle + Meule Group announces strategic alliance with A3DM technologies corp for 3d printing of precious metals

Concept Laser is Big On Metals

EOS introduces two new metal materials for Additive Manufacturing: EOS Titanium Ti64 ELI and EOS StainlessSteel 316L

Aluminum-powder 3D-printed part finishes race first

3D MicroPrint GmbH: EOS and 3D-Micromac are bringing micro laser sintering technology into a newly-established business enterprise

High Performance Data Analysis: Big Data Meets HPC

3DPI Interview with Dr. Florian Bechmann of Concept Laser

How information systems will meet the 3D printing challenge

General Electric (GE) Talks 3D-Printing Tech: Q&A On Additive Manufacturing

"A lot of in-depth material and manufacturing research is instrumental in order to deliver and validate high-end series (metal) production"

Report Compiles, Categorizes and Makes Pretty 3D Printing Patent Data

Week of March 9

An AMazing® Exclusive Interview with Prabhjot Singh, Manager of GE's Additive Manufacturing Lab

Shared Facility for 3D Printing Metal Parts

Why the Metals 3-D Printing Space Is the Place to Be in 2014

The End of the U.S. Military's Tech Edge?

The Impact of 3D Printing in the Supply Chain and Logistics Arenas

Additive manufacturing marks milestones

Week of March 2

Sigma Labs: Filling In The Cracks Of 3-D Printing

Metals are taking the stage

Concept Laser introduces largest component produced using additive process

ASM Announces Emerging Technologies Survey Results: Additive manufacturing/3D printing

Renishaw additive manufacturing system AM250 using laser sintering for complex metal parts

New Machine for Additive Manufacture of Metal Parts in Large Volumes

AM aerospace revenues could reach more than a billion dollars

Week of February 23

Why Simulation is the Future of Innovation

The growing UK 3D metal printing market

New Journal: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Now Is The Time For CIOs To Tune Into 3D Printing

What Does 3D Printing Mean For ERP? Process manufacturing software is required

Laser additive manufacturing to be presented in Houston

EOS introduces large volume metal printer in the UK

ARC Group's 3DMT Division Makes Metal 3D Printing a Priority

Arcam receives order from New Zealand

New SmarTech Report Claims Revenues from Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Segment to Reach $805 Million by 2019

Week of February 16

3D Printing Promises to Revolutionize Defense, Aerospace Industries

Fear, Frenzy and the Birth of an Industry at GE's 3-D Printing Lab

How 3D Printing Took 30 Years to Become an Overnight Success: Interview with Chuck Hull

EMS, Inc Receives order for three – 3D Systems ProX Direct Metal Laser Sintering 3D Printers

University of Pittsburgh researches 'latticework' structure of AM parts

3D Printing Using Powder Metals: Choose the Right Process for the Right Application

3D printing helps take the Airbus A350 into the skies

Production Methods: What's the Difference Between Selective Laser Sintering, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Laser Melting and LaserCusing?

Introducing large scale multi axis 3D printing IN METAL at Fabricate 2014

Why China wants to lead the world in 3D printing

"Six to 12 major industrial groups are in deep discussions with metal 3D printing companies about major orders"

Airbus Reduces Weight with 3D Printing

Airbus Expands 3D Printing Use

3D Systems Sells Three Newly Rebranded Phenix 3D Metal Printers

3D Metal Printing Turbine Replacement Parts Could Cut Repair Times by 90%

Week of February 9

Québec's CRIAQ launches project on additive manufacturing technologies for aerospace components

Why There's a Huge Opportunity in Metal 3-D Printing

Ames Lab, Critical Materials Institute Speed Metals Research with 3D Printer

A*STAR Showcases Innovations for Sustainable Aviation

EOS — Two decades of Risk and Rewards: Interview with Hans Langer

America Makes welcomes three new members

Week of February 2

Meeting to address metal printing for manufacturing firms

Additive Manufacturing From Sciaky

AKL14 in Aachen:Laser Technology for Innovators from Micro-engineering to Aviation

UK will invest up to £8.5 m to strengthen the UK's expertise in lightweighting

Swedish printer maker leads 3D revolution

EOS and Airbus Group Innovations Team on Aerospace Sustainability Study for Industrial 3D Printing

Aerospace: Light, Cost and Resource Effective – Researching Sustainability of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Terry Wohlers über die Zukunft von additiven Fertigungsverfahren: Terry Wohlers on the future of additive manufacturing process

The Manufacturing Technology Centre: the rejuvenation of UK manufacturing technology

Printing of 3D Parts in Aerospace Applications

3D Printing Central to Future Military Strategy

Delcam to lead project on new design solutions for lightweight metal additive manufacturing

EPMA adopts Additive Manufacturing and launches specialist group at Gothenburg

What Might the US DoD Want with 3D Printing?

Direct metal laser sintering offers improvement over rapid investment casting

Giant metal 3D printer in China

China's Huge 3D Printers, Soon Able to Print Automobile Sized Metal Objects

3D printing and the federal government

Europe's Intelligent Manufacture from Powder by Advanced Laser Assimilation (IMPALA) project

Europe: Birthplace of Modern Manufacturing

3D opportunity: Additive manufacturing paths to performance, innovation, and growth: Deloitte

Week of January 26

Oil and gas industry set to explore the world of 3D printing

Arcam's additive manufacturing technology in US aerospace demand

Inspection validates additive-manufactured components

Aerospace is a vital growth area for the expanding industrial additive manufacturing sector

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop Novel Tools To Improve Manufacturing Processes for Aerospace and Medical Device Industries

Software Will (Help) Make 3D Printing Metals in Space a Reality

Hadoro Launches the World's First iPhone 5S In Massive Gold Made With 3D Printing Technology

Carpenter Technology Plans Superalloy Power Facility


Additive manufacturing will drive the next aerospace technology revolution

GE to 3D print submersible pumps

Interview With Rob Gorham, Deputy Director Technology Development, America Makes

Additive Disruption Summit Features Long List of Big Name Companies Talking 3D Printing

The materials science revolution in 3D printing

Counterfeit Parts, Budget Cuts, Technology Adoption Panel Discussions Previewed in AeroDef Manufacturing Summit and Exposition Podcasts

Week of January 19

3-D rapid prototyping changing manufacturing

Inside GE's 3-D Innovation Lab

Concept Laser opens new development centre to drive additive manufacturing development further and faster

ASTM publishes new edition of sieving guidelines

3D opportunity: Additive manufacturing paths to performance, innovation, and growth

America Makes Announces Second Project Call Awardees

Arcam Receives Order from Aerospace Industry in the US

Vehicle Design Innovator Local Motors Signs CRADA with ORNL to Enable the Rapid Design and Manufacturing of Vehicles Through Direct Digital Manufacturing

RTI International Metals Acquires Directed Manufacturing

$2.2 Million grant awarded to UTEP-led resarch team

Questions to a panel of the UK's leading experts on AM

Week of January 12

UK Government Cash Injection to Boost Manufacturing With a Dedicated 3D Printing Centre

Lawrence Livermore has the resources to push the technology ahead

Top 3D Printing Developments in 2013 from Wohlers Associates

P&W Featured on CBS Evening News Segment

Terry Wohlers offers six predictions for additive manufacturing in 2014

Smithsonian: What Lies Ahead for 3-D Printing?

The Impact Of EOS

Additive Manufacturing/3d Printing Resource Center to Be Major Feature at Aerodef Manufacturing Summit and Exposition 2014

GE 'grows' engine parts with cutting-edge 3-D printing

NAMII, or America Makes, announces leadership team change

EOS and 3D-Micromac form new company for Micro Laser Sintering technology

Australia Leads in 3D Titanium Printing

Additive Metal Fabrication can build highly complex geometries

Week of January 5

RAF jets fly with 3D printed metal parts

ESI Group to fund 6-year collaborative research project on advanced multi-material design and process simulation

Concept Laser launches laser additive manufacturing R&D center

Standard for PM now covers new testing instrumentation

Aero engine producers to accelerate introduction of Additive Manufacturing for engine parts

Matsuura debuts hybrid metal 3D printing and milling machine to North American market | Design Engineering

Week of December 29

Livermore Grows Advanced Manufacturing

The largest metal additive manufacturing plant in the world: 60 machines collocated with 2 gas atomizers and 2 systems for heat treatment

Mitsubishi Corporation is bringing metal 3D printing technology to the North American marketplace for the first time this month

Slideshow: 3D Printing Shifts to End-Production Manufacturing

NSF Engineering, a leader in advanced manufacturing

The Transformation of Manufacturing: Weekend Reading

Sigma Labs, Inc. Announces Development of Technology to Support Low Cost 3D Metal Printer

Hybrid metal AM: Adding and taking away

Siemens will next month start printing spare metal parts for gas turbines

An Interesting And Frightening Situation: Terry Wohlers' Assessment Of The Year In 3D Printing

3D Printing and Defence: A Silent Revolution

EOS Expanding Beyond Prototyping Into Manufacturing

Week of December 15

Arcam to Secure Supply of Strategic Raw Materials with Acquisition of Metal Powder Manufacturer

Eos introduces M 400 Additive Manufacturing machine for metal sector

Tiny Custom Target - 3D MicroPrint Aims to Corner the Market

Updates from SIEMENS

Sigma Labs Enters Joint Technology Development Agreement with Metronic Systems

A Brief History of 3D Printing Infographic

One of the largest 3D printed metal parts to be produced in the UK

Simulation & Materials Information Management Advances from Additive Manufacturing Projects

Week of December 8

Slideshow: Design & 3D Print Custom Metal Implants

Metalysis has developed a new way of producing low-cost titanium powder

Airbus explores 3D printing of parts

Costs for Metal 3-D Printing Will Drop 60%, Study Predicts

Advanced Manufacturing Policies and Paradigms for Innovation

EOS and 3D Micromac set up micro laser sintering venture

Metal 3D printing and six key shifts in the 'second industrial revolution'

EWI to Develop New Manufacturing Approaches with US Army Research Lab

University of Leuven Collaborates with Nikon Metrology to Apply Computed Tomography for Accurate Analysis of Internal Geometries of Complex Components

SLM Solutions' Automatic Powder Recovery System

Team prints "world's first" 3D titanium car components

3D MicroPrint GmbH: EOS and 3D-Micromac bring Micro Laser Sintering Technology into a Newly-Established Business Enterprise

3D Printing Coming to Military Applications

Transcript of 3D Printing, Manufacturing, and U.S. Competitiveness

Week of December 1

Additive manufacturing: 3D printing of metal structures has major potential for complex products and processes in various industrial sectors

Both GE and Rolls Royce Are To Use 3D Printing To Make Jet Engines And Violate Engineering's Prime Commandment

EOS launch new machine

Marching into the Future of 3D-Printed War

Cybersecurity in 2014: A roundup of predictions

Final part production grew to 28.3 percent of total 3D printing market

Growth of 3D Printing Industry Positive for China's 3D Software Sector

HP calls 3D printing 'an acorn with the potential to be an oak tree'

3D Printing Patents Sky Rocket in Number

Add, remove material in single setup with milling, metal deposition unit

SLµM: Additive manufacturing in micro scale

The rapid rise of laser additive manufacturing

New Tech and National Security Law – 3D Printing

Arcam receives order for EBM system from UK

Arcam receives order from Japanese institute

China chasing U.S. lead in 3-D printing

Materialise joins Chinese 3D printing alliance

Cheap metal 3D printers are within reach of average consumers

IDTechEx Webinar - 3D printing materials Wed, Dec 11, 2013 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM PST

The engineering behind additive manufacturing and the 3-D printing revolution- The NSF portfilio

New process may be step change in titanium's economics

Metal Powder Report - join us on LinkedIn

Webinar on metal 3D printing

SLM Solutions debuts PSA 500 system at Euromold

AMRDEC spins up efforts in additive manufacturing

LPW Technology Supplies and Explores Metal Powders for AM

Week of November 24

3D Printed Watches

3-D printed finished goods market to "far surpass" the 3-D printed prototyping market

New project: computing systems in support of material activities

THE University of Nottingham has been chosen to run four new centres to train future scientists

Singapore's A*STAR funds additive manufacturing program

Additive Manufacturing starting to lose ground in the US to overseas rapid expansion in the new technology

Liverpool will also be a collaborating partner in Centre for additive manufacturing

3D printing technologies are more successful when different industry sectors work together

Manufacturing in 2050 - what it means for consumers & the economy

International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials

3D printing – friend or foe?

EOS expands metal powders portfolio with NickelAlloy HX

Week of November 17

Apple Seeks Patents for Five New Bulk Metallic Glass Inventions Covering 3D Printing and More

Machine tool giant to introduce additive manufacturing technology

What Oak Ridge National Lab is learning about AM

ORNL Highlights 3D Printing Capability

Metal 3D Printing on the Rise

Rolls Royce is getting into 3d printing of jet engines

EPSRC Workshop: Exploring the Science behind Additive Manufacturing and 3D-Printing

Which Metal 3D Printing Company Will Stratasys Buy?

Public Comment Requested for Manufacturing Network's Suggested Metrics, IP Guidelines

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Testifies on Strengthening Innovation and Manufacturing for a 21st Century Economy

In Advance of Commerce Hearing, Sen. Brown Calls for Passage of Bipartisan Bill to Advance Manufacturing Jobs Through Network of Public-Private 'Innovation Hubs'

Wohlers Associates-The Use of 3D Printing for Final Part Production Continues Impressive 10-Year Growth Trend

UTC $10 Million Investment Helps Launch Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering

Europe is where it's at

3D-Printed Fish Scales May Improve Military Armor

2014 AMUG conference to focus on metals

3D Printing: Technology and Beyond

INTRAPID-Inspection techniques for laser powder deposition quality control

Week of November 10

Free Access to Rapid Prototyping Journal from Emerald

3D printing still has 'significant hurdles' to overcome

U.S. manufacturing only has jobs for the skilled few

Arcam Receives Order from Germany

SLM Solutions GmbH - cooperation with EADS Innovation Works

GE continues investment in 3D printing

Report predicts Europe to become world leader in 3D printing by 2020

Rolls-Royce plans to 3D print jet parts

Week of November 3

Some details on GE's AM interests

Additive manufacturing in China 'hot topic' at laser tech conference

Webinar on metal 3D printing

Materialise introduces latest incarnation of Magics

First 3D printed custom titanium eyewear

UK looking to build on world-leading 3D printing research, says Richard Hague at IET lecture

Sustainability goal drives aerospace innovation


Desktop 3D printer uses molten metal

Breakthroughs in making AM parts for critical applications

Mike Molnar to deliver keynote at MIT forum

India site of new tungsten powder plant

Cold spray is part of GE's expanded additive manufacturing toolkit.

Interview With : Mark Cola, CEO of 3D Printing R&D Company Sigma Labs

3D printing to alter manufacturing sector, engineers say

Stephen Hoover, CEO of PARC, a Xerox company, on democratizing access to product development and additive manufacturing

Engineers Build The World's First Real 3D-Printed Gun

Week of October 27

Engineers Reinvent Metal 3D Printing

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Summit 2013

3-D printing adds new dimension to business innovation

Nickel-Chrome-Iron-Molybdenum Alloy has elevated heat resistance

UK Government shows Foresight with report on future of manufacturing

SLM Solutions welcomes new management team members

The Future of 3D Printing

ICALEO 2013 Boasts Innovative Laser-Driven Manufacturing Research & Technology

Week of October 20

3D printing rises to the occasion: ORNL group shows how it's done, one layer at a time

The Fusing of Industries at the Additive/Aerospace Summit

HP working on 3D printing for mid-2014 reveal

HP Joins 3D Printing Arena With Designjet Printer

Arcam Receives Three Orders for EBM Systems from Asia

Metal 3D printing and the future of nuclear fusion

Week of October 13

Amaze project aims to take 3D printing 'into metal age'


AMAZE: Europe's ambitious aim to 3D print a single-piece satellite

3D Printing for Space: The Additive Revolution

EOS develops nickel alloy for AM

Annual International Wohlers Conference at EuroMold 2013

E-Manufacturing Solutions for Toolmaking & Industry Applications

3D printer creates light-weight titanium horse shoes

Growing Need for Optimization, Simulation in Design Process

Additive Manufacturing

ASTM and NAMII sign memorandum of understanding

RAPID 2014 Returns to Detroit

Week of October 6

Youngstown's 3D printing innovation center takes on new name

3D-Printed rocket successfully designed, built and test by UC San Diego students

GE leads the aviation industry towards 3D printing

European Space Agency showcases metal AM

New Stratasys White Paper Describes How You Can Produce Tools Without Tooling

Design for direct metal laser sintering: anything goes?

MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis Took Center Stage at the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute's Rebrand to America Makes

Enthusiasm high at laser applications conference

3D Printing Fueling Resurgence in Domestic Manufacturing

Week of September 29

Carpenter Signs Multi-Level Agreement with UTC; Will Build New Facility for Superalloy Powders

Summary: GE hangout in the Future of 3D Printing

AAAS Event: 3D Printing: The Good, the Bad, and the Science (2013)

CCAT Named Center of Excellence for Additive Manufacturing Services

Week of September 22

Forget Plastic: Molten Metal 3D Printers Are Coming

NAMII open house

UK technology Strategy Board plans partnership-building trip to China with UK tech companies

ASTM Standard covers AM material

Dr. Frank Liou has received about US$660,000 from NASA to develop computer models of various additive manufacturing approaches

Week of September 15

$7.4 Million in Grants for Additive Manufacturing Research

3D Printing Breakthrough Yields Organic and Inorganic Multimaterial Vista Printhead

2014 marks the end of a number of other patents on AM processes, such as laser sintering (powder bed fusion)

Tomorrow's Manufacturing Today – Metal 3D Printing

'Smart Manufacturing' in America

Week of September 8

New US$30 million AM centre in Singapore

Gartner Says Early Adopters of 3D Printing Technology Could Gain an Innovation Advantage Over Rivals

First AM conference joins MPIF's PM2014 and hardmetals events

3D printing to grow in China: Wohlers

Manufacturing Is the New Hotbed of Technological Innovation

Sky's the limit: GE Aviation's Greg Morris to discuss additive manufacturing's present and future at TCT Show + Personalize® Research Shows Technology Transforming Manufacturing

Print me a Cruiser!

From dental braces to astronauts' seats

Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center Director Named

3D printing scales up

Manufacturing is key to global competition

Crowd Sourcing the Future of AM in the Navy

The Pentagon Can't 3-D Print Its Way To Victory

The Future of 3D Printing With Terry Wohlers

Week of September 1

NAMII will provide $9 million in funding

NAMII's Second Project Call

Webcast: Sept 20,2013: An introduction to laser additive manufacturing (Register here)

Interview: Using 3D printing to build lighter and more aerodynamic planes. With Michael Hayes, the Technical Lead Engineer of Boeing's Additive Manufacturing Research & Development team

Worth watching: Solid Concepts - Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Technology

Webinar: Tips for Additive Manufacturing in Metal

Rethinking Industrial Manufacturing Through 3D Printing

Why America Needs a National Manufacturing Strategy

Arcam Receives Order for EBM System for Asia

Direct part production continues to grow-Concept Laser

The First Commercial Watch Made from 3D Printed Gold

Renishaw gets into its stride

Could Metal Give Japan a 3D Printing Boost?

Week of August 25

Why You Need an Additive Manufacturing Strategy

Solid Concepts' Inconel Parts Prove Valuable for Aerospace Applications

Metal watchcases made by AM

British Luxury Watchmaker Designs First 3D Printed Gold Case

NSF to award up to $300K for manufacturing machines and equipment; focus on energy and additive manufacturing

3T RPD supplies titanium lattice for Commonwealth Baton

Additive Manufacturing and Industrial Tooling (Part 2)

UK funding for laser sintering

DOE grants UTEP nearly $1 million to develop key technologies for advanced power generation

7 Common Mistakes in Designing Parts for Additive Manufacturing

Week of August 18

General Electric Is Going Big in 3-D Printing: Morris Technology

General Electric Set to Make History With 3-D Printing

Restoring American competitiveness

Innovations are changing the nature of manufacturing

Teeth aligners to jet engine parts: 3-D printing's booming business

How UT Austin engineers built 3-D manufacturing

A Brief History of Selective Laser Sintering

3D Printing Misinformation

Japan: The 2014 plan create 3D metal printer

EOS: as the "innovator of the year" award

How 3D Printing Will Transform Chinese Manufacturing (Op-Ed)

Week of August 11

All the Items Fit to Print

Inside 3D Printing Heads Toward Silicon Valley

Week of August 4

Q&A With The CEO Of 3-D Printing Company, Arcam AB

3D Systems Gets Metal, Ceramic Processes

Seismic Shifts in the 3D Printing Industry

3D printing is the new dimension for aerospace industry

Week of July 28

Sigma Labs, Inc. Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Los Alamos National Laboratory to Identify and Commercialize New Technologies for 3D Printing of Metals

Additive manufacturing needs controls and materials engineers and technologies to increase speed, quality, and material properties related to these rapidly advancing machines

Renishaw contributing to British supersonic car project

Future War – 3D File Data Security

Call for papers: "3D Printing: the Next Industrial Revolution"

South African Team Developing Metal 3D Printer with Different Approach

EOS gives additive manufacturing material users the tools to tailor and define quality/price parameters

Mediabistro's Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo Announces Speakers for Fall Event, September 2013 in San Jose, California

A Peek into GE's Additive Manufacturing Lab with Prabhjot Singh and Joris Peels

South African Team Developing Metal 3D Printer with Different Approach

Worldwide manufacturing revolution in 3D printing

Week of July 21

Reducing residual stresses in metal AM: New technique paves the way for 3D-printed aircraft wings

How 3D Printing Will Transform Chinese Manufacturing (Op-Ed)

New 3D Manufacturing Process — Materialising Micro Lattice Structures

3D Printing Supply Chain Infographic

3-D printers on the leading edge of aerospace innovation

Adding the Next Layer to Additive Manufacturing by Christine Furstoss

From brains to planes, 3-D printing opens world of possibilities for military

3D printing will explode in 2014, thanks to the expiration of key patents

3D-Printing Done Right: Laser-Sintered Inconel Muzzle Brake Promises Superior Performance

Arcam AB: Small 3D Printing Company with Big Growth Projections

Internal, Invisible Tags Can be Generated Using 3D Printing Process

Manufacturing group to build 3D printing innovation centers in China

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo Set for September in San Jose

ExOne adds iron-based 3-D printing material for industrial users


Week of July 14

Review: Nottingham International Conference on Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

3-D printing will streamline the Navy's supply chain — and much more

Digital Revolution is Changing the Face of Manufacturing

3-D printing expands aerospace designs

Week of July 7

LayerWise co-founder Peter Mercelis tells MassDevice about the disruptive potential of 3D printing in the medical device space.

Aerojet Rocketdyne Successfully Tests Rocket Injector Assembly Built Using Additive Manufacturing Technology

Additive manufacturing improves properties of race car aluminium steering knuckle

CT manufacturers ramp up additive technology

3-D printing and a revolution in the making

Asia's Mixed Signals on 3D Printing

Terry Wohlers-A 3D Printed World (17 min video)

3D printing with liquid metals

Chinese look to dominate 3D printing

Defence industry set to propel additive manufacturing into the mainstream

Who is right about 3D printing? Foxconn or GE?

Week of June 30

Additive Manufacturing and Industrial Tooling (Part 1)

New Direct Metal Laser Sintering System for Precious Metals

World's first printed glasses (optics)

Fewer US 3D printing companies as China tries to catch up

New Journal: 3-D Printing and Additive Manufacturing preview issue publishing Fall 2013

Renishaw has completed a 66,000 ft2 refurbishment of production space at its Miskin site, located close to Cardiff, South Wales

Order for EBM system from German implant manufacturer

New report on 3D printing

The Future of 3D Printing

Week of June 23

Flush with orders, aerospace industry retools

3-D Printing Set to Be This Generation's 'Moon Shot' Moment

Additive manufacturing could turn 'rust belt' into 'tech belt'

Consolidation begins as 3D printing industry matures

Metals 3D Printer Gets a Smaller Footprint

China aims to be global 3D printing leader by 2016

3D Parts Manufacturing is to invest US$6 million to expand its Indianapolis, Indiana plant

The Next Frontier for Stratasys is Metal

Week of June 16

Rapid 2013 Day 2: The State of the Additive Manufacturing Industry

3DSystems acquires French Metal AM manufacturer

RAPID 3-D printing conference kicks off in Pittsburgh

2,700 people, including exhibitors from nearly 100 companies

Optimism Abounds at RAPID 2013 Conference and Exhibition

Optomec Launches LENS 450 Metal 3D Printer

Additive manufacturing will grow 123% in use

Research and Markets: 3D Printing: Transforming Traditional Manufacturing Operations - Global Strategic Business Report 2013-2018

3-D Printing Set to Be This Generation's 'Moon Shot' Moment

RAPID conference doubles number of attendees

IMTSTV INVESTIGATES Additive Manufacturing (27:46 video)

3D Printing: Metals The Next Frontier

Week of June 9

EOS method for specifying AM parameters

UK 3D-printing industry to get £14.7m investment windfall

3D Printing Helps Ford Cut Production Time on Some Parts by 25%

3D printing technology wave of the future in China

Week of June 2

Siemens donates $440 million to Youngstown State University

China's 3D Printing Revenue Expected to Soar

3-D printing goes from sci-fi fantasy to reality

3D Printing and the future of production

A 3-D Printed World: Terry Wohlers Presents at TEDxTraverseCity

The History of 3-D Printing [SLIDESHOW]

RAPID Conference and Exposition Announces Sessions and Workshops on Additive Manufacturing Technologies

China's plan to survive the 3D-printing revolution: Own the market

Army additive manufacturing brings concepts to life with 3D imaging

Additive manufacturing, the next industrial revolution

The rise of 3D printing in China

UEF and LUXeXceL Partner to Develop Photonics 3D Printing

AM centre in the UK

Work underway at ORNL 'grows' components using a 3-D Printer

Week of May 26

China's 3D printing industry set for rapid expansion

Additive Manufacturing - The Next Industrial Revolution (GE video)

Topology Optimization in Additive Manufacturing: 3D Printing Conference (Part 5)

US Navy looks to 3D printing to turn its city-sized aircraft carriers into mobile factories

Additive Manufacturing Cooperative Agreement

Chinese Competitors Will Burst The 3D Printing Bubble

Op-Ed: 3D printing — New ideas, better economics, and the new world rises

SmarTech Publishes New Analysis and Forecast of 3D Printing Industry

Navy considers 3D-printing future fleets of drones

Week of May 19

Interview with Terry Wohlers

Bloomberg View: Why 3D Printing Can Make the World a Better Place

AM — The Voxel Method (Part II)

3D Printed Titanium Bike Parts for Charge Bikes

BBC: 3D printing: A force for revolutionary change

Impact of 3D printing for domestic manufacturing

Renishaw acquires German AM specialist

Wohlers Associates Publishes 2013 Report on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, Reveals Trends

Additive Manufacturing - Materials by Design

Week of May 12

Wohlers: Is The US Loosing It's 3D Printing Edge?

The rise of multi-material 3D printing

German Survey Points to a Bright Future for 3D Printing

NAMII to present at RAPID 2013

3D Printing is Way Scarier Than Plastic Guns

3D Printing: What Does It Hold For the Metal Manufacturing Industry? Part 1

3D Printing: What Does It Hold For the Metal Manufacturing Industry? Part 2

Manufacturing group to build 3D prining innocation centers in China

European Powder Metallurgy Association launches European Additive Manufacturing group

AM specialist wins NSF grant to help 3D printers 'learn'

How 3D printing could disrupt the economy of the future

Additive Manufacturing's Benefits Are Real

Week of May 5

Former Energy Secretary calls for manufacturing renaissance

Is AM Ready for Standards?

6 sources for learning about 3D Printing

3D Printing: An Interview with Anthony Vicari

CITI: These 10 Technologies Are Completely Changing The World-Disruption 1: 3-D Printing

3D Printing Could Be A Boon For Small Business

CNN: Printing the future in 3D


3D printing: the new, bottom-up industrial revolution

Obama proposes manufacturing initiatives

White House announces competition for manufacturing innovation hubs

Obama Administration Launches Competition for Three New Manufacturing Innovation Institutes

Week of April 28

ASTM F3001 - 13 Standard Specification for Additive Manufacturing Titanium-6 Aluminum-4 Vanadium ELI (Extra Low Interstitial) with Powder Bed Fusion

Additive Manufacturing — The Voxel Method

Market information provider the ARC Advisory Group has published a strategy report covering trends in additive manufacturing (AM).

Sigma Labs, Inc. Announces The Signing Of A Joint Venture Agreement With Fortune 100 Aerospace Company Relating To PrintRite3D™

LIA Helps Revolutionize US Manufacturing with laser technology

A lack of accessible design tools is holding back 3-D printing

LAM 2013 presents ground breaking AM applications

Keynotes and Conference for RAPID 2013 Announced by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Getting 3-D Printing and Next-Generation Manufacturing to the Factory Floor [Video]

General Electric's CEO Presents at 2013 Annual Shareholder Meeting Conference (Transcript)

NAMII pairs academy and industry to extend tool and die life with the latest 3-D printing technology

"Adding" to Your Tooling Options

Additive Manufacturing Wins Support From Government And Industry

Arcam achieves key quality certification

Is 3D printing about to hit the mainstream?

Week of April 21

Information Is Driving a New Revolution in Manufacturing

To Print the Impossible

Carl Bass, Autodesk's CEO, Views on 3D Printing

Topology Optimization in Additive Manufacturing: 3D Printing Conference (Part 5)

Week of April 14

LLNL Additive Manufacturing Forum - Innovation Panel

'We could own this': 3D printing and additive manufacturing at the University of Louisville

The EU's AMAZE research project is bringing together research institutions, material suppliers, machine manufacturers

DPE invests in SLM Solutions GmbH

Will NAMII Work?

Additive Manufacturing creates new rules for products liability

3D printing to be worth $8.4 billion by 2025

Buckley Report: 3D Printing

Innovation: Additive Manufacturing

Cyclists Take Industrial Metal 3D Printing for a Spin

Manufacturing 2.0: The additive era

Report: 3D Printing Will (Eventually) Transform Manufacturing

Week of April 7

Pratt To Invest $8 Million In Additive Manufacturing Partnership At UConn

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Receives First Round of Funding To Improve Tools for Additive Manufacturing

Will 3D printing replace China mass production?

China Daily: Rise of 3D printing brings challenges, opportunity

3D Printing Research: Liquid Droplets

"Print Me a Cruiser" : The Future of the US Fleet

A New Industrial Revolution: The Brave New World Of 3D Printing

GE Scientists Helping to Bring Advanced Laser Manufacturing Tools Mainstream

Renishaw creates new links to China

Led by Auto, Medical and Aerospace, 3D Printing to Grow into $8.4 Billion Market in 2025

University of Connecticut opens metal-focused AM centre

Week of March 31

LIA Aids NPI in Revolutionizing US Manufacturing with Laser Technology

Why Innovators Get Better With Age

Manufacturing: The Difference Maker Pt. 1

Arcam scores new order for EBM system in Poland

Week of March 24

450 Fab Labs in US and 100 innovation houses in Shanghai

Will 3D printing destroy jobs?

IBM Sees Exponential Growth of 3D Printing Industry

Gartner Inc : Gartner Says Early Adopters of 3D Printing Technology Could Gain an Innovation Advantage Over Rivals

Singapore to Invest Heavily in 3D Printing

Why businesses should adopt 3D printing now

3-D Printing Is Next Computing Revolution: Beltway Insider

High Tech Manufacturing Knowledge Should be Protected Like Fort Knox

The future of additive manufacturing

Week of March 17

NAMII Selects Project Call Awardees

Rep. Foster Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Promote Advanced Manufacturing in America

Drilling into 3D printing: Gimmick, revolution or spooks' nightmare? [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus uses laser sintering machine for prosthetics

Does Moore's Law Apply to 3-D Printing?


CMTC and MANEX Gain Local Congressional Support for Additive Manufacturing Forum on March 20th in Livermore, CA

3D printing is revolutionizing product development

IBM Sees 3D Printing Changing Manufacturing

How Will 3D Printing Impact The Manufacturing Industry?

Experiments Find Strongest Shapes with 3d Printing

Plans to Make Metal 3D Printing Systems Faster and Better

Sigma Labs, Inc. & Interactive Machines, Inc. Execute Memorandum of Understanding To Explore The Design And Build Of Next Generation Concepts For 3D Metal Printing Machinery

Week of March 10

Industry Experts Are Calling 3D Printing the 'Third Industrial Revolution', That May Change Economies Globally

Brown Takes First Tour of NAMII, Calls for Creation of a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation

Solid progress: the transformative power of 3D printing

How 3D Printing Will Transform Medicine And Manufacturing [INTERVIEW]

3D Printing Hype Doesn't Equal Reality Yet

3D printing: neither gimmick nor revolution

Digital fabrication is so much more than 3D printing

How to Make Almost Anything

Week of March 3

The 3D printing reality distortion field


Will 3D Printing Change the World? | Off Book | PBS

3D Printables Search Engine (find designs that can be 3D printed on preselected websites)

Printed alumina

Is 3D printing the future of manufacturing? - CBS News Video

Arcam Q10 — A new Industrial 3D Printer for Medical Implants

10 Laws of 3DPrinting

Solid Concepts moves into metal AM

ARC Study: Additive Manufacturing Creates 'Powerful Incentive'

Pumping Muscle into U.S. Manufacturing

How 3D printing will change the world - Harvard Business Review

3D Printing Could Grow to Over $3.7 Billion by 2015

Week of February 24

Terry Wohlers on NPR

CMTC and MANEX Promote New Additive Manufacturing Forum at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Photonic Professional GT for Nano-scale 3D Printing

Strategic alliance between Arcam and DiSanto Technology to offer EBM-designed and -manufactured medical implants

Youngstown, Ohio, a Leader in 3-D Printing and Manufacturing Innovation, Says Obama

Focus: 3D Printing in China

Interview with Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio on National Network for Manufacturing Innovation

Wheeling seen as good site for hub

Top Five Benefits Of Additive Manufacturing (You Never Considered)

Christopher Barnatt of illustrates the inner workings of additive manufacturing machines

Unique breakthrough in bulk metallic glass manufacturing

Week of February 17

3D Printing Revolution: the Complex Reality

2013 3D Printing aka Additive Manufacturing Events, Conferences & Expositions

Kicking Off #NationOfBuilders Series, Subcommittee Showcases Products Proudly Made in America

China commercializes 3D printing in aviation

China's 3D Printing: Not a Revolution – Yet

DoD to Support Advanced Manufacturing Projects

3D Printer Market in China

New Metal AM technology - SLM 500 HL

EOS and Ruetschi Technology to target AM medical tech in Europe

Week of February 10

How 3D Metal Printing May Change Manufacturing

New Technology Brings Real-Time Process Monitoring to 3D Printed Metal Parts

Manufacturing lab could boost UI, state

Important new metal additive manufacturing technology

In Ohio and beyond, Obama sees model for manufacturing revival

Manufacturing Hubs: What and Why?

Additive manufacturing: What does it add up to?

Ideas Lab – Made possible by GE

7 talks on the wonder of 3D printing

Is 3D Printing Overrated? Not at All, Says GE's Jeffrey Immelt

3D Printing, the Start of the 3rd Industrial Revolution?

Using 3-D Printers To Make Gun Parts Raises Alarms

Lee Cronin: Print your own medicine

Our three-dimensional future: how 3D printing will shape the global economy

House Manufacturing Caucus Looks at NAMII, Additive Manufacturing

GE CEO Jeff Immelt on 3D Printing

3D Printing has Reached the Upper Echelons of US Politics — 2013 State of the Union Address

GE Aviation (aka Morris Tech) have been collaborating with scientists at GE Global Research (GRC) to develop a new kind of ceramic that outperforms the most advanced metallic alloys — ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) —within a gas turbine and jet engine environment

The In View Series Announces Plans for a New Series on 3D-Printing

Week of February 3

The Next Era of U.S. Manufacturing is Here

Made in the USA may make better business sense

A Vision of the 3D printed Future

RoBo 3D Printer Raises $500K on Kickstarter to Battle MakerBot

Arcam reports "sharply increased turnover"

£45 million for new facilities and equipment for advanced materials research in areas of UK strength

U of I to open Chicago manufacturing institute

Week of January 27

Ping Fu: 3D printing is "as big as the internet"

Is Automation a Job Killer?



The world's first 3D printed race car reaches 140 km/h

China 3D Printing Market Thought Highly

Geomagic Releases Geomagic Spark, a Revolutionary and Powerful New Approach to Designing from Scan Data

Copyright rules don't need to be changed for 3D printing

Shaping our future with additives

What's the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing?

Week of January 20

NAMII's work progressing

Week of January 6

3-D Printing Technology May Bring New Industrial Revolution

NPR: 3-D Printing Is (Kind Of) A Big Deal

Sciaky, Inc. Releases New Additive Manufacturing Video That Highlights the Technology Behind Its Exclusive, Groundbreaking Direct Manufacturing Solution

Arcam receives order from Japan

Detailed Guide to CES 2013: Welcome to the Year of 3D Printing!

3D Printing Satellites

Ford's 3D Printing

3D Printing Gets Its Own Dedicated Convention In April

3D printing company ExOne files for a $75 million IPO

Germany Looks to Leapfrog US in 3D Printing

Breaking the Mold: Could Additive Manufacturing Resuscitate a Once-Proud U.S. Industry?

What Could 3D Printing Mean for the Supply Chain?

2013 Collaboration Predictions: HR Collaboration Tools, 3D Printing - Page 2

Week of December 30

3D printing with metal: The final frontier of additive manufacturing

Manufacturing in 3D Printing's Future?

Video: Ford Gives MakerBot 3D Printers to its Engineering Staff

2012 – Top 5 3D Printing Applications by Rachel Park

3D printing rockets in popularity during 2012

2012 – Top 5 3D Printing Applications by Ari Honka

Infographic: 3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing by Sculpteo

APIs for 3D Printing?

Ford takes 3D approach to sand printing?

Tech predictions for 2013: Big Data, robots, 3D printing and 4G

Companies that keep their research and manufacturing employees close together, where they can share information, might be more innovative than other businesses

Week of December 9

Manufacturing The Future: 10 Trends To Come In 3D Printing

The Plant Of The Future: 3D Printing

GE CEO Jeff Immelt Says 2013 Is the Year of Advanced Manufacturing

Week of December 2

Tech 20/20 Announces Plans To Form Council For Additive Manufacturing

Laser and Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion

National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute announced its initial request for proposals

National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute RFP (members only)

Call for Speakers – RAPID 2013

ICALEO 2012 demonstrates research in laser materials processing

How to Create an Innovation Ecosystem

Why 3D Printing Matters for 'Made in USA'

Week of November 25

Got $200K? Become a NAMII member

GE Is So Stoked About 3D Printing, They're Using It To Make Parts For Jet Engines

Week of November 18

GE Aviation acquires 2 mfg firms

Chris Anderson: 3D Printing Will Be Bigger Than the Web

3D printing: The hype, the hopes, the hurdles

Printing and Prototyping of Tissues and Scaffolds

The Manufacturer's Agenda: Why We Need a Better Definition of 'Advanced Manufacturing' | Leadership content from IndustryWeek

Daimler Dives into Additive Manufacturing with Concept Laser

Week of November 11

Israel Opens Its First Open-Source 3D Printing Lab

NASA using 3D laser printing to create complex rocket parts – Concept Laser M2

NASA using laser-powered 3D printing to build new rocket parts – Concept Laser M2

The rig used to print, or "selectively melt," the rocket parts is actually made in Germany -- the M2 Cusing machine, built by Concept Laser

Global additive manufacturing market to hit value of $3,471.9 million by 2017

Additive Manufacturing using metals

Additive Manufacturing and the Aerospace Industry: A Perfect Fit

Week of November 4

A Conversation with Terry Wohlers

The Jewellery Sector and 3D Printing

Week of October 28

Additive Manufacturing: Pursuing the Promise

Smaller companies are likely to benefit most from 3D printing technology, according to respondents to our poll last week

Study: offshoring decline boosts U.S. manufacturing

A Conversation with Terry Wohlers

The Jewellery Sector and 3D Printing

Manufacturing rebirth in the rustbelt. Youngstown (and a bit of NAMII) on CNN!

Week of October 21

3D printing - a new industrial revolution?

Obama: Oak Ridge Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Center of East Tennessee to get $2.4M

£7 million for innovation in additive manufacturing

Michael Idelchik: How The U.S. Can Lead The Next Manufacturing Revolution

Global Additive Manufacturing Market worth $3.5 Billion by 2017

WASHINGTON: Researchers have successfully built and flown an unmanned aerial vehicle, using 3D printing technology

Digital Rights Management on 3D Printers is a Big Deal. Nathan Myhrvolds Patent is Not.

Shapeways Opens New York City Factory - At full force, this new facility will hold between 30 and 50 3D printers capable of producing up to 1,000 objects each day

Catapult centres key to business innovation, says Cable